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dusht daman

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Ok veerji i have heard "Bhai.Hardeep.Singh--Bachitar.Natak.Katha" from the link u above given

But there is one Problem i didn't get the katha on what i want to hear Most

Ok i heard this story that once durga is hiding away from some 2 demons & gone to some mountains.Where Guru Tegh bahadur ji was on samdhi & he assures durga that nothing happen to her in his custody, then demons came Guru ji sitting on loin Skin.He standup from it put tht khal in hand te ohnu Chadiya ohde vich ik shakti nikli Jinna ne ohna Demons nu maar ditta,

After this durga came out & thanku guru ji & saying that in future u will make a relegion who name as Khalsa (bec. it is loin Khal from which that shakti came)

Is this from Dasam GRanth & if yes from which part so that i want to know katha of it

& N30 Do u think that there is somehing wrong in Dasam Granth (that's lot of people say)

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Thx amrit1972 thxallot very much

Acha did U know which are the other story Of Bachitar Natak.I know only one that which start from Hemkunt sahib & it is may be 6th story i think

So which are The other can somebody plz tell me & Where to get Katha of them also + I dont find katha of 24 avtar in dasam Granth

Bec i dont find it @ gurmatveechar.com

I founf some books whose author have done phd on Dasam GRanth Proving that it is writting of Guru Gobind singh ji only if anybody readed it plz share ur thoughts ith us & should i read it

Dasam Granth Sahib Kisne Banaiya? By Bhai Bishan Singh

Dasmesh Darpan ("Mirror of the Tenth Guru") by Bhai Sher Singh

Dasme Patshah Ji ka Granth da Itihas by Bhai Randhir Singhs

Dasam Granth Roop te Ras by Dr. Taran Singh

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I do not know where you can find the 'Katha'. Perhaps, a google search can help.

The 'Chaubees Avtaar' describes the stories of 24 incarnations of Vishnu. There are 'Up-Avtaar' also. Sri Dasam Granth mentiones the 'Brahm Avtaar' and Shiv Avtaar too.

I once wrote a Punjabi article on compositions of Sri Dasam Granth, which was published in a book. I have also written an English article giving introduction to all the compositions of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji. I will try to locate this English article. It should be somewhere in my computer. :? . I did not add it on my website, because I think there is already too much matter available online on this topic.

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