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Tytler, Sajjan threaten Sonia with 'exposure'

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Tytler, Sajjan threaten Sonia with 'exposure'

source: http://www.indiareacts.com/nati2.asp?recno=3429

17 August 2005: Congress president Sonia Gandhi has been seriously disconcerted by threats of Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar that they would go public with their “knowledge” of the 1984 riots either if they are expelled from the party, losing their primary membership, or if moves are initiated to prosecute them for the massacre of Sikhs hours after the assassination of then prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Top sources said that they have also threatened to float a new political party, called the Delhi Congress Manch, whose principle aim would be to subvert the Shiela Dikshit government, one-third of whose supporting legislators now reportedly oppose her, and the two Congress MPs are also planning to print pamphlets showing Sikhs allegedly celebrating Mrs Gandhi’s assassination by distributing sweets.

Keeping by and large away from the media, both MPs blame it for turning the nation against them, and their aim now is to salvage their reputation, although Sonia has declined to meet them, saying there are no issues to discuss, but that they should await further directions.

Political sources said that Sonia Gandhi has been considerably unnerved by threats of further exposure of the 1984 riots, but the prosecution of Tytler and Sajjan Kumar for the massacres is becoming unstoppable, because of the national outrage, and since the Congress’s allies in the UPA are absolutely insisting upon it, but the biggest immediate fear is for the fate of the Delhi government.

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