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Obstacles put in the way of Hawara’s Defense

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Obstacles put in the way of Hawara’s Defense

Sunday 21st August, 2005

Sucha Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff

Chandigarh, Punjab (KP) - The cunning Brahmin government of India pulls yet another devious move in an attempt to damage the defense of Sikh activist Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara. On a complaint from the Burail Jail Superintendent R.C. Sharma, the two lawyers Amar Singh Chahal and Sukhwinder Singh who are representing the Babbar Khalsa chief in India were arrested. The charges brought against them are wrongful confinement, threatening a prison warden (Mantu Ram) and restricting public servants from performing their duties

The police version of the story is that Bhai Hawara's lawyers arrived at the jail to appear on the behalf of their client and insisted on taking their car inside the jail. On being prevented by prison warden Mantu Ram from taking their car inside the two lawyers created a scene, subsequently the lawyers were arrested.

The drama did not end here. Amar Singh and Sukhwinder Singh answered back by filing before the Additional Session Judge, Mr. Sharma a contempt of court against the jail officials. Siding with Hawara Ji's lawyers, the District Bar Association alleged that the two had been framed by the police for exposing acts of omission and commission of the jail staff. The DBA says that the lawyers were framed in order to create an obstacle in the defense of Bhai Jagtar Singh, for which they were actively engaged in for the past 10 years. The District Bar Association went on to say, “This tentamounts to interference with the judicial proceedings and obstructing the administration of justice by depriving the defense counsel of the right to defend his client.â€

The Brahmin Government is doing anything that it can do to damage the defense of Jagtar Singh Hawara. They have already put so many false cases against him so that his whole life will be spent in the courts of India. In these courts there is practically no chance of justice being served, especially for Sikhs.

Sucha Singh can be reached at sucha.singh@panthic.org

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Hawara’s counsel and Human Rights Lawyer attacked


Nov 15, 2005, 02:24

Mr Arvind Thakur, a human rights activist who blew the lid off the alleged “benami†land transactions of certain politicians and police officers in Kansal village bordering Chandigarh, escaped an assault late last night.

While Mr Thakur, who happens to be the counsel of Jagtar Singh Hawara, Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), escaped unhurt, his Esteem car (HR-03-B-8020) was damaged by the assailant.

The attack on Mr Thakur, a practising advocate in the district courts, sparked off protests from the lawyers with a delegation of the District Bar Association (DBA) led by its secretary Jaskaran Singh calling on the SSP, seeking strict action against the culprit. The general house of the DBA met in the morning and decided to suspend work for the day.

According to a complaint submitted to the SSP, it was alleged that at least four armed persons came to the house of Mr Thakur in Sector 44 here in a Scorpio around 11 p.m. when was locking the front gate. Even as the assailants tried to attack him, he took shelter behind the hedge.

When he raised the alarm, the attackers fled but not before damaging his car. It may be recalled that Mr Thakur and a senior advocate Mr A.S. Chahal, had received a threatening letter a couple of days back.

The complainant alleged that despite the fact that the advocate, accompanied by certain advocates visited the Sector 34 police station last night and this morning, no case has been registered so far. The police said it was investigating the matter.

The Lawyers of Human Rights International (LHRI) president, Mr AS Chahal, has demanded a high-level probe into the incident.

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