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Dilruba..any tips?

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Jee, google toh leya see, bara sastha mil gaya, lol! Amrit Jee, I do sing using a tanpura but Ive been told the gurmat sangeet tradition was to sing with string instruments, is this true? I heard this is how people sung keertan in darbar sahib before the british introduced the harmonium in an attempt to westernise the keertan culture?

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Yo, does anyone here play the dilruba? Ive just got one because its a great instrument. I sing and Im fed up of the limitations of the harmonium especially during alaaps in raags so I decided to learn dilruba, if anyone plays it how do you tune it? any tips?

i usually tune it by listening carefully to the string after its plucked to see what kind of vibration it gives off but you have to really focus on it. another thing is that in a really small container I put a small cotton ball with baby oil and everytime before i play i rub a little bit of oil between my fingers so that its easier to move your fingers on the string.

hit me up on msn at gursevb@hotmail.com perhaps you can share your techniques with me as well as I am going back to my old ustaad to learn again....................... :)

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Ok me hit ya, lol. Erm..yeah the baby oil idea is good, I tried that when I played sarangi some years ago but there was no point cos its played differently so I messed up the sarangi and my teacher was peeved. I used to learn from namdhari gurdev singh in southall before, now Im so bad my little 8 year old bro says he thought I was wailing and crying in my room so he came up, I was playing the dilruba :S :(

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I used to play on Tanpura for 6 hours a day. I have a special Tanpura, which I purchased from Maharashtra state. Later, music left me. :(

Electronic Tanpura is availabe which can be used. Otherwise, Harmonium is good if you press 'sharhaj' continously. It provides freedom during 'Tans' and 'Alaap'.

Tanpura helps to create 'Gamak' in voice. 'Tans' and 'Alaap' is easy if tanpura is being used. Vaise vi Tanpura dinda hai pooran azaadi. :)

Baaki, harmonium di ninda karan valeyaan to vi bachna chahida hai. Je 'Mridang' di jagaah 'tabla' vartan vich una nu koi sankoch nahi, ta Harmonium ne kerha sikhaan te koi ghallughara keeta si. Je British 'pound' (pound sterling) una nu change lagde ne, taa British harmonium kiyon maarha hai? :D

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