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How beautiful is ur Dastaar?

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WaheGuru jee Kaa Khalsa*WaheGuru jee Kee Fateh

Please send us in pictures of your dastaar/durmalla/keski/turban tied so that we can update our Keski section in destinationSaachKhand website.

We are hoping to incorporate and provide instructions on how to tie different turban styles. This will be beneficial to those beginners or who wish to walk onto the path of Sikhi.

This is a request to Singh's AND Singhni's!

Your personal details such as name, email address etc will not be used or exposed. Your details will be kept confidential.

It is not necessary to reveal your faces in the picture/photo...we are interested in the Turban itself. Please provide us with your kind sevaa. Thank you.

Send in your picture(s) to destinationSaachKhand@hotmail.com

We would also be VERY grateful if you could send in step by step pictures of how you tie your Turban. This will be VERY useful for those who want to wear a turban. Which would also be added on to the website.

Sabt Soorat Dastaar Sira

(the complete image is with a Turban on ones head)

ps. Our site is currently down due to problems with the Server, but will be up again soon!

waheguroo jee kaa Khalsa*waheguroo jee kee Fateh

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