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Discourse on beyond - series !!!!!


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Discourse on beyond is excellent book translated from orginal source - Bat Agam Ki. There are 7 volumes of Bat Agam Ki. There is already 5 volumes of those are translated into english titled- Discourses on Beyond 1-5.

All i can say- this book is for real spiritual seekers..it's must recommended for spiritual seekers who have hard time reading punjabi or understanding punjabi.


Preface of Discourse on beyond part - I

Human birth is the most valuable opportunity granted to man as a consquence of his good deeds and after millions of birth spread over aeons. It is the rarest opportunity to get rid of the cycle of birth and death and be united with the Primal One. It will be a pity to waste this golden chance in worldly- pursuits and indulgence in passions and pleasures of senses. Guru Arjan Dev has explained this human suitation in the following hymn:

Now that the human body thou has attained,

This is thy chance to be united to the supreme being.

No other deed is to thee of any avail

In holy company of saints, contemplate on the divine Name alone.

Make efforts to swim across the dreadful world-ocean.

Waste not thy precious life in pursuit of worldly pleasures.

The mystic hymns of Guru Granth Sahib sing the praises of God and are mostly addressed to the human being for his spiritual upliftment. The holy hymns advocate uncompromising faith in montheism, as enunciated in the Mool Mantra, the basic creed of the Granth Sahib.

This concept is re-inforced and re-affirmed in a number of hymns of Guru Granth Sahib. The monotheistic supreme being is both attributive (sargun) and non-attributive transcendent (Nirgun). The unattributive- transcedent and the attributive-immanent are the two aspects of the same reality as explained by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in bani Sukhmani-

The formless being is himself attributed and unattributed and he himself is in primoridal trance.

Saith Nanak: himself has he made creation

Himself on its he meditates.

Sargun Nirgun Nirankar Sun Samdhi Aaap

Apan Kiya Nanaka Ape he pher jaap ||

There are questions which need to be answered, viz; Is this immanence of God (sargun saroop) same as Pantheism of Vedant? Again the self is said to be of Divine Essence (Jot Saroop); there is no doubt about it, but is it itself the infinite brahm or part of him as a wave of water? These subtle questions need elucidation. Certain other basic concepts emerging from the study of Siri Guru Granth Sahib also require the attention of Saints and Scholars. These are: the concept of maya, the mutable principle , the veil that obscures the vision of Reality and creates the image of duality and apprehensions, the three qualities (Trigun), the rajas (passion), tamas (sloth, darkness) and satva( intelligence, poise) and going beyond the three qualities (trigun atit) and entering the fourth stage (turiya); the dasam duar (the tenth door of Super Consciousness); the state of bliss and ecstasy (maha anand, nam ras); the transmigratory process (avagavan) , the doctrine of the retribution of deeds, the celestial recorders of deeds, the Divine Law (hakum, bhana, raza) and the destiny (kismat) ; the liberations (mukti) through Divine Name (amrit naam); the two states of union with and alienation from the supreme being (sijog, vijog); the nature of grace, and how does it shower on devootes? How is the path of sahaj diffferent from such process as forced austerities, self-maceration, living in the grave yards and observance of years of silent( munvart) often regarded as the way of realization? They key terms of Gurbani, Nam, Shabda, Ek Onkar and Sati Nam are not understood in proper perspective.

Only a man of high learning, an erudite scholar of Gurbani and a man of self-realization can attempt to answer these basic questions. It is a matter of great pride for us that Sant Waryam Singh Ji, the founder chairman of Vishav Gurmat Roohani Mission and one of the most competent living saints has, in his writings, dealth with these fundamantel questions with authority. He is a blessed soul who had the opportunity of having close company of Sant maharaj of rara sahib.

His Cherished ambition was fullfilled when in 1936, he had the opportunity of having "darshan" of his holiness- Sant Isher Singh Ji of Rara Sahib. His mother was instrumental for this meeting. It was love, devotion, and dedication at the first sight and he surrendered himself completely, body, mind and soul at the feet of his Master. The Master asked, who he was? The reply given by the young disciple sent the great saint in trace for 40 minutes and he visualised his previous life and the future events. His pious words had a great impact on him- For the first time ever, my wedded soul has met another wedded soul, so far I have been meeting widows... he with his pious words predicted his future: "In your spiritual journey, only the last step remains to be taken. Thereafter you will have full realization of the Reality." There was no going back thereafter. He was fully imbued with naam simran and spent most of his time in meditation, caring little for worldly affiars.

Once in 1936, there was a holy congregation in Village Dhamot when Sant ji of Rara Sahib paid a visit to the residence of his devotee and enquired his whereabouts. He was informed by bibi ranjit kaur (wife of Sant waryam singh ji) that he must be meditating somewhere in the far off the jungle. His holiness intuitively conveyed him his message via telepathy, as a result of which the meditation of the young devotee was distrubed and he immediately proceeded to meet his Master. He was blessed by his holiness and was granted special audience and the boon of loving devotion.

The Present work "Discources on the Beyond" (Bat Agam Ki) comprises five chapters, covering different aspects of spirituality. In first two chapters viz; The discourses of Sant Ji of Rara Sahib (Part 1 and 2) and "The path of Saint" (Part I and II) many fundamental questions of spirituality and mysticism have been dealt with. In the first chapter, the five main enemies have been indentified as avidya (absence of true knowledge), asimta (seeing diversity in unity), rag(attachment), davaish(jealousy) and abhinavesh (fear of physical ills of death). In part II, the qualities and responses of the seekers are explained in detail. The next chapter, the path of the Saint deals with Nine basic questions, viz;

i) Why does this world of God's creation appear different from Him?

ii) How are "Good actions", "worship of God' and knowledge of God" inter-related?

iii) What steps should be taken for promoting the practice of good acts and avoiding evil deeds?

iv) Why does man, even in the midst of all material possessions, feel miserable?

v) Why do people find faults with saints and

vi) how should a saint conduct himself under these circumstances?

vii) How to get rid of strong impluses ?

Viii) How can the miseries caused by ignorance be removed?

ix) How to perserve "True knowledge" ?

These are very pertinent questions which Sant Ji of Rara Sahib did explain to the sangat of Chandigargh, and were later recorded by author, Sant Maharaj of Ratwara Sahib. The style is very simple but lucid, and goes straight to the mind. Chapter III entitled, 'The Ladder of Religion" describes eight steps of spiritual journey viz; complete faith in Almighty God; true faith in the Guru; faith in Gur Mantar; beleif in the supreme power of God's Name; firm beief in the existence of God and his divine will; keeping one's mind untouched by the lure of worldly desires; strong determination for the Jap of Naam; and the purity of mind.

It's very hard to get these books around (1-5 volumes translated version of bat agam ki). If someone gets around all 7 Discourses on beyond volumes translated version of full bat agam ki set consider yourself one lucky person.

Kam veer ji and sat veer ji can give more insight into this.

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kam veer ji, i just told my freind in vancouver to call vancouver contacts of atam marg see if they have discourses on beyond from 3 to 5 volume....i ll find out soon..if not then you are my 2nd option and only option :LOL: :lol:

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