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Apna Sangeet - Diamond Cutz


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too be honest the albums not worth diamond,

more like a metal with gold plating over it with a plastic diamond inda centre, lol

Ranjha, the tune alrights, the quality of the music is just not there

"sonay mundai punjab dai", again sounds promising onda start, deosnt really kick in, even though its a kam frantic tune

Masti, i hate it, lolz

Giddah Palo - a garage flex', its ok still its nothing that brilliant

Pyar sang by Mr Bhamra, produced by dippsbhamra, dhol cutz style, its best song on dere but still its a hit or a miss

, i did like it

Apana Style boliyan was preety good, still kind of lacks musical wise

a 10 track album, overall these old singers make fullof promises "yeah its gobna be this, is back to the roots" but no, its just aload of cack which they like people to buy

im sorry but a retail price of someones tenner isnt on at all

lucky for some they get it around for 7 or 6, but still you'd think one of the most succesful midlands bands would make good quality music making the youngsters look like "a joke", but still album deosnt show that



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Sardara was at a mate's wedding performing on stage with DCS. They SMASHED IT....COMPLETELY. It was BRILLIANT!!!


word on the street was that Sardara wanted a bigger cut for performing with Shin...dunno if it was deserved or not, but DCS said no.

Giddah Palo is a garage track???......haven't these ppl realised that garage is just a gimmick to allow coconuts to enjoy bhangra. These guys are never gonna be able to twist lightbulbs like the true fans!

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They is good at live performances, i can imagine Sardara singing Dai Dai Gerra, would suit him :LOL:

but the album beast wasn't there all that though, which was a shame, all these old bands coming in and trying to come in the market ,but look at the Permi album? it was total rubbish

now Achanak are coming back, with Bhangralogy, which is produced by Tigerstyle .....i think, so they spending abit of money on producers, so its might be a big one

Heera Group is also coming back

truskool n specialist are on vips records.

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it's a shame, because Sardara proved that his voice was still good when he performed with Shin.

I watched Heera on TV early last year saying that they were coming back and that they were bringing tradition back....total bollox! They just jumped onto the cheap, tacky, poor-imitation garage stuff that you hear from crappy coconut dj's

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