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sato gun is the virtue of truth.

it represents U in AUM and it stand for Ukar which means the hindu god Vishnu. Vishnu is known to be the attribute of the virtue of truth while brahma is rajo gun and shiva is tamo gun.

listen to the start of the japji sahib katha by giani thakur singh ji on gurmatveechar.com in order to understand it or read the taksal steeks of japji sahib by sant giani gurbachan singh ji or sant giani kirpal singh ji as it is explained in their

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Taken from hari post:

Do you feel anger?Passion?Energetic?Desirous?Lusting? That is Rajo Gun.

Feeling lucid?Compassionate?Serene?Clear headed?Pure?That's Satto Gun.

Feeling depressesd?Unclear head?Lazy?Morbid?Slow? That is Tamo gun.

I hope this helps :)

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