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Favorite Kirtani - Singers, Composers, Cds. Shabads...


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Hmm... I dont really listen to too much Kirtan... I've started getting into and my cd collection leans heavily towards Bhai Harbans Singh Ji (Jagadhriwale) - I have all of Snatam Kaurs cds and I have a few of Bhai Dya Singh (which I rarely listen to - the 'real' punjabi rapper... lol)...

Anyway, Im off to the motherland in a few weeks, could you please offer advice on your favorite Kirtani's and what they mean to you...

Ie... I love Snatum Kaur in the mornings, it really soothes me!!!

Also... Bhai Harbans Singh Ji is amazing... I love him to death... I remember he used to stay with us when I was a child and how I used to cry when he'd leave... haha... I have a picture somewhere, I'll upload it for y'all...

Thanks Sangat, look forward to hearing your recommendations since my knowledge on Kirtan and Kirtani's is very very very limited!

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