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Sikh Orphanages


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Does anyone here know of any Sikh orphanages in Punjab? I would like to get their contact info for a friend who wants to travel there for a year to teach English to the children. I managed to find some Christian orphanages up on the net but Sikh ones would be good to contact first I think.

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fasting is going well pra ji. Im quite glad this month came along.. I really needed it to get my mind and spirit back on track. The food issue is just secondary... its the spiritual cleansing and focus that feels good.

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kiddhan prava

here are a few things to try


2)Established 1904

The address is: Central Khalsa Yateemkhana (Orphanage)

(run by Chief Khalsa Diwan)

Shaheed Udham Singh Chowk (Putlighar)

G.T. Road, Amritsar

Telephones: (when dialling from the US)



The honorary member incharge is: Bhag Singh Ankhi

3).Central Khalsa Yatim Khana (near Khalsa College) 2.Manukta da Ghar (run by Bibi Amarjeet Kaur). (both in amritsar)

4)this is a VERY good one

GUR AASRA Foundation, Canada

P.O Box 3622,

Vancouver, B.C

Canada V6B 3Y6

Phone: 604-685-8866 or 604-588-0233

Fax: 604-638-1471

Email:guraasra@hotmail.com or info@guraasra.com

other groups to find information from include


2)FATEH (I know the organizer of this, and this one year program is set up so a person can go and help develop a community through their vocation....if you need more info. let me know...I attended this in india for 3 days, I would love to do it properly)

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