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Im looking for some good punjabi and hindi calligraphy but cant seem to find any. Does anyone here know of some online examples of good punjabi or hindi calligraphy styles? Is there any? If not I think its about time someone designed some.

There is so much amazing calligraphy in arabic/persian scripts (http://www.sakkal.com/articles/art_arabic_calligraphy/arabic_calligraphy_styles.html). I think the line we have at the top of punjabi and hindi alphabets limits us to how creative we can get but we must have some talented calligraphers who can work around this to come up with beautiful styles.

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Not really much there that is note worthy except this:


This is Guru Tegh Bahadur's own hand writing apparently and if this style could be perfected with a calligraphic brush it would make an amazing script. We really need more emphasis on good Punjabi and hindi calligraphy.

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kiddhan prava,

the kashmiri's and the bihari's (from patna) were the best calligraphers for the gurmukhi script.

As per the hukamnama's; there are also other styles used by earlier guru's which can be found, I'll find the pics and post them up.

(its sad, but calligraphy was practiced ALOT prior to the printing press, and many sikhs would write out their own gutkay and give them out to people....they would go to a taksal (a school) to make sure that they had the right spelling etc..)

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