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sangatji may be u can answer this

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straight up i m bit annoyed the fact that you keep creating threads asking me my view. This is public forum. you should post your queries direct it to all the cyber sangat rather than just me. If you want to ask me anything directly not the cyber sangat then please use pm feature. I ll try my best to answer it.

However, i really encourage keep creating threads of your queries to cyber sangat of sikhawareness, instead of creating towards just me. You be suprised to know even in cyber sangat in general. There are mahapurshs who are gupt and gives reply to queries whenever they feel like it ..they are in their own maoj masti.

Please don't take it as a offense.

I ll answer your question in a bit :)

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Difference between prema bhakti and tapaisaya:

Tapaisaya is done via hard meditations, harsh penances like something what yogis do.

Prema Bhakti : This type of bhakti can only be performed by bairaag(longing ) towards vahiguroo, nishkham seva (seva done without asking anything in return), nishkham simran (simran done without asking anything in return).

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