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Really inspirational videos of white sikh converts !!!!!!


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Amrit Singh - Becoming a Sikh

Here is another interview from Sunday, with Amrit Singh Khalsa (Phd). In this video he tells a the story of how and why he became a Sikh.

All these interviews were very casual and spur of the moment. I just asked people if I could interview them and sat them before the camera.

Right Click and save target as , to see the video:

>>>> http://web3.sikhnet.com/videos/Interviews%...rit%20Singh.wmv <<<<

A Day in Espanola - Interview with Kirin Kaur

Here is a video interview with Kirin Kaur Khalsa describing a common day for many Sikhs in Espanola, New Mexico. She also shares her experiences of being a mother, wearing a turban and other things of interest.

Right Click and save target as , to see the video:

>>>> http://web3.sikhnet.com/videos/Interviews%...irin%20Kaur.wmv <<<<

Arjan Kaur and her story about why she became a Sikh.

Right Click and save target as , to see the video:

>>>> http://web3.sikhnet.com/videos/Interviews%20-%20Arjan.wmv <<<

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