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Gurmat Sidhant??


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I wanted to discuss - Gurmat Sidhant. There is lot of talk about - gurmat this, gurmat that, anti gurmat this and anti gurmat that.

- How do you define Gurmat Sidhant? Can it be defined through enternally or externally? or both?

In my views, Gurmat Sidhant created by our Guru's were very uchaie - suchaie thoughts (extremely high elevated school of thought) and cannot be bound to rules like- kachera's got off- go take pesh, or kirpan has to be certain length, certain rituals need to be performed, certain meditation postures, certain way of doing patt or interpertating gurbani, certain way of doing kirtan etc.

Correct me if i m wrong- Gurmat Sidhant created by our sikh guru's were highest most layer in sikhi then comes in layers like puratan maryada, rehat maryada - outer rehats, learning vidya etc.

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I was just listening to Sant jagjit singh ji harkhowaley murid of Sant Jawala Singh Ji Harkhowaley. Gurmat /Sikh Defination came along...Gurmat/Sikh starts from aad cannot be bound to yugs or 525 years. Like to share with the sangat.

Here is it enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's 4 minutes long:


quite a interesting spin on what is gurmat? Gurmat is already defined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji..i don't think anyone else can define Gurmat in terms of rehit maryada.

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