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96 Crore Buddha Dal...


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what i want to know?? Is there any significance reason why it was named 96 (960 Million) Crore Buddha Dal... buddha dal means- old warriors yet very strong but didnt quite get 96 crore... I heard sau sakhi while back in there it says.. khalsa shall be 960 Million..

Can you please enlighten me with as much info you have regarding the prophecy behind 96 crore?

As much info you can give it will great .. please dont direct me to book sites... i dont have credit card to the buy the book.. otherwise i would have.. :cry:

I also heard this sau sakhi is in sarbloh granth, is that true??? I know many sikhs dont beleive in it. However its very interesting to know about it!

Thanks in advance purkha :D

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Replying to the message from N30.

Singh the Budha dal was named after Baba Budha Jee as a great mark of respect. IT was named after him by Miri piri Malik Guru Hargobind Sahib. ON Bandi Chor when Miri piri maik was released from jail and secured the release of the other princes, baba budha jee upon learning of his freedom gathered the fauj, then known as the Akaal senna, and went to go get him so he could return to camp. Upon arrival Miri piri malik was nihal at seeing akaal purakhs fauj tiaar pur tiaar ruggera laaki led by Baba Buddha jee. So in the occasion guru sahib said to Baba uddha jee "for what purpose has baba buddhe jee dal reached this destination" so from this quote (sounds better said in panjabi) the name stuck. The Budha Dal is not actually a bunch of old guys, the dal has some of the most dangerous singh i have ever metin my life, just check out the singhs who stay with 96 crori Nihang Baba Santa Singh. The tarna dal was only made in the time of the misls to be more organised, but the division of the young and old is not so strict or enforced at this present time although the tarna dal do have a rep for being a bit more trigger happy :LOL: As far as the 96 crori bit the Akaali nihang singh khalsa panth will total to that number but ony after a war on a scale never seen before. I have a lot more info so reply back if interested.

96 Crori Navjeet Singh misl shaheeda

Gurbar AKaaal

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

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