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I would like to share some gems I gained from Gyani Takhur Singh ji's Japji Sahib Viakhya.

I would like to share some gems I gained from Gyani Takhur Singh ji's Japji Sahib Viakhya. Unfortunately, at that time in my life my Punjabi skills were very limited so I could not extract as much information as I wished; ie, I missed a ton. Nevertheless, I'll share what I have and hopefully it will help. Note that I only wrote down points that are actionable. The actual katha itself is over 50 hours long in its totality.

• Jatt ? Tiag ? viaraag

• There is a big phall (reward) for reciting all of the Guru’s names in meditation. “Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji”…. All the way to “Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur Ji”.

• Bani of the fourth and ninth Guru are filled with vairaag.

• When reciting Bani, try your best to pronounce it correctly. Pronounciation mistakes are huge, like missing zeros in a cheque.

• Recognize that we have no power to speak or be silent, sit or stand, laugh or cry etc. Waheguru is the True Doer.

• Just sitting in sangat is beneficial because it helps to fix our bad karms

• Before doing any big karm (deed), make karah prasaad.

• Bhagti is difficult, it is like going against the flow of the current.

• Try to see God’s will as easy and for our benefit.

• Keep Fear of God in mind, it will make it easier to stay away from bad karms.

• To stay in Agya (The Guru’s hukum) is a huge seva.

• We learn sweet speech, rehni (to stay in rehit), behni (how to sit ), and dhiraj (forbearance) from the sadh sangat.

• Imagine that Waheguru is in your hirda while you are doing simran

• When you hear Bani and simran, think of it as the Guru singing to you. See it as Dhur ki Bani.

• Remember that that the jeev atma (your soul) and Brahman are one and the same. The jeev’s saroop is the prakash that you see inside of you. Keep you dhian in this saroop as much as you can.

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