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Hola Mahalla


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GurFateh !!

To celebrate Hola Mahalla I am posting some of my favourite images of Hola.

As you may know my obsession/passion for pictures knows no bounds so - Please add your own pictures - In all the glorious colours of Sahib Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Khalsa on the Beautiful Soil of Anandpur Sahib.

"Khalsa Mero Pacch - Ru Paad .. Khalsa Mero Sukh Aihlaad"

"The Khalsa is my wings and my feet ; The Khalsa is the offspring in whom I delight"

( Sarb Loh Granth Sahib - Buddha Dal edition page 531 vol 2)

'Sukha ' - This picture speaks for itself - I love it !!






'Takht Kes Garh Sahib - Nagaara'


One of my personal highlights of Hola is when they display the Shasters of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - The Thunderous Jaikaras that resound when each weapon is displayed on the marble platform are awe inspiring - My favourite is when they display Guru Sahibs 'Nagani Barccha' as used by Bhai Bachittar Singh against the Hill Rajas Drunken Elephant as it tried to storm the gates of Killa Lohgarh (Sambat 1758) - gives me goosebumps - (sorry for being melodramatic !!)

'Nagani Barccha'


'Nihang Singh'


'Langar Sewa'


'Khalsey di Holi '




'tent pegging'


'A Nihang's best friend '


Anandpur's 'Hola'





And Finally - with sincere apologies to Amandeep Madra Bhai Sahib for nicking his picture ! - 'Bhujhangy '


** Pictures taken from - Khalsa Panth (Punjabi Version ) - Khushwant Singh, Raghu Rai - 1984.

The Sikhs - Khushwant Singh, Raghu Rai , 2004

The Sikhs -Sondeep Shankar Gurbachan Singh, 1998

Anandpur - City of Bliss - Mohinder Singh, Sondeep Shankar 2002

Hola Mahalla greetings to all -- Please Post any pictures you have !!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!!!

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