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Gurmat Sangeet - Nirdareth Raag - Kirtan Maryada


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Vahe-Guru Ji ka Khalsa Vahe-Guru ji ki Fateh,

Could daas ask the sevadaars to start a new topic heading under the heading of Gurmat Sangeet.

Here we can discuss kirtan maryada, raagis, Guur Ji's saaj, research, raag vidya, compositions, kirtan schools, articles, MP3's of kirtan etc...

I think it is a minimum requirement on such a good Sikh forum.

Guru Maharaj gives us endless instructions to do kirtan in our home, in sangat -- Maharaj is based around raag - 31 chapters, kirtan was the ultimate form of parchaar, naam jap, bir ras (vaaran) ....

I hope you will listen to my benti, I will personally provide many articles and threads.


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On the main page you will see- Gurbani/ Gurmat or any spiritual realted poetry Discussions section, just underneath that section on the forum you will see- Subforums: Gurmat Sangeet Maryada.

Click on that section and you will be in Gurmat Sangeet Maryada section.

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