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covering heads in Gurudwara

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Das saw various Brahgiani Sikhs from Nirmala and Udasi orders who may not ocver thier head in general.

In older faiths we have diverse things regardingn covering heads.

1 old Sanatand Dharmi temple while tilak or vermilian is aplied on on forehead,head has to be covered,if not tturban then hand is to be kept.

2.In Dargahs covering Head is must but das did saw many people doing Namaz in mecca Sharif without head being covered and his one Pakistani freind also did Namaj without head covered.

3.In New Testment we have writtan the diffrance between male and female as female must cover thier head during rayer and male do the opppsite.

So coming to our Gurudwara,why do we cover our heads more so if we are not Sikh and an outsider.Das just wanted to know if there is any logic or say any histroical or scriptural account on that or is it byy oral tradidtion.

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Guest Javanmard

The gurdvara is a darbar or the royal court of Guru Gobind Singh. Visiting Maharaj means that we keep a minimum of courtly etiquette i.e. covering our heads. In the past most men would wear a turban, even sahajdharis (who would keep a trimmed beard anyway) but today...it seems some people are just happy with a rumal...really looking smart right?

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