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Changes of the Industry


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I was looking into the Bhangra Industry and ive notice, thats more people are demand of original music, as the western tunes go more wide across the globe, the beats used in some of the punjabi tunes, peeps are beginning to suss out the lack of talent present in the industry

the problem lies when a so called producer likes a western beat and wants to mix this shite with a punjabi tune, but wheres the thought in that?, even a 10 year kid using ejay can produce that crap

as times are going by its getting better, as laws and authories are getting the crack down on people ripping of other peoples materials

another big problem is the amount of piracy, unbelieveable amount has been lost in the industry, more people are turning into thieves, the very people who would never nick a cd in shop, will get it from the internet, n as we know as a Sikh theiving and destroying other peoples hard work, is a bad thing....as a Sikh,

but on the other hand if the music is not original in the first place, why not download it?, the answer to this is that the tune has less value to it, no real mark of being a punjabi loved produced album, instead its been a DMX remix with lembher in the background

Your probably thinking who makes the composing and writing and how the tune geos?, well....mostly of the work comes the singers, and a producer has to visualise, and render whats been said in written inda a tune, its not as easy as it sounds, the amount of people involved in some of these projects are more expensive then what they make on it, but then again just depends how quality the producer can produce Himself

as Bhangra songs progress, the companies which the artists are on are obviously gonna take a slice of the taking, u just imagine, if half of the albums produced where downloaded , the artist hardly makes f***k all, as our brothers don't give a somasa of whats going on, killing our own brothers lively hood, artists hard work gone down the drain

As massive record companies, also effect loss, but they still can manage to turn over enough millions, but as we all well know, that the Bhangra music itself is a minority compared to other genres of music, so eventually if we carry one with our stupidness, there will be general good artist thats will stop producing, hence, UK and America will lose the punjabi folk all together,

If you dont think a album is worth it, dont download it, dont support crap, those crap artists will stop producing there crap and the good artists will flourish

its kind of funny, Panjabi MC, hasnt produced anything for ages, its not a surprise, as hes ripped of beats international, maxi priest, busta rhymes, and other big rap n rnb names, now these same artists are struggling to make a originally compose tune, because its alot harder to produce,

at the moment are really respect Specialist N Truskool, they are killing it, rendering the Hip Hop into the way it will fit the tune, most of the tumbi and sarangi rhymes have been produced by scratch, they show nothing but 100%, truskool making all the music himself, without having to rip dr dre or whatever, they did have however they used a sample from a 90s rap tune, but they used it to encourage youth to stop drinking, in that respect its hard to argue why you cant use it to teach right things, and also have a massive respect for Tigerstyle from putting originality in music and solely doing there own work

but as a dance track , i really dont wonna hear the next episode with dhol in it, it just deosnt sound special in anyway whatsoever

That "wow" factor has really been lost in the music seen, some india artists are not bad, but there videos degrade our own people, they make no sense whatsoever, they are more sleazy then the ones in the uk, i absolutely hate bhangra videos, beccuse they have no quality in them whatsoever..........they put you off the tune and make our own punjabi's looking like a bunch of fools, u might not agree with me , but a bhangra song cant be pictured in a video, a song should stay a song as its in hearing form, its a totally different feeling

to improve things, more artists are beginning to realise they seriously need to get to work in term of producing something which is quality, rather then a night job on cubase gold with mc special blabbing on about sh*t after smoking weed

in terms of piracy, yes i am a dhol, yes i am a dj, damn.support own culture....

its people livelyhoods we are talking about, they want to prove something to there old folks, just like ourselves, wanting to do well in life, but when you are destroying someone earnings ..where is the support in that? wheres the love?........

in term of videos, they should really stop making them, as you can visualise whats been said in the song, no need to see some indian and hero to be ina video

in terms of lyrics composers THINK ABOUT MORE THEN JUST GIRLS AND A STUPID DRINK!...........u can talk about family, u can talk about the food, general life, politics, health, hard work, religion, spirituality, theres more to a bhangra song then jus girls n drink...........if u cant think of anything, dont compose, cuz your not do any favours for your own people, they will have more of an excuse to download n kill tunes which are genuinely good

future wise, i think if we can sustain some support, we will get far as a community, there will be fun tunes to dance to at your local wedding of friends and family, stuff to listen to in yah spare time

Buy your music, u can even listen to samples of the whole album even before u buy



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