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The Sikh Gallery Lahore


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Gurfateh !

This clip is from an old yatra video made by the ISYF Southall in the late 1980s

It is an incredible documentary - I believe it was made for Pakistan TV

It really is amazing

I first watched it many years ago - and I still love it - the way it is made and the wonderful Punjabi voiceover is excellent.

The film is just tacked on to the end of the Yatra video made by the ISYF (which isn't that well made) however I wouldn't be lying if I say this is one of the best sikh history films I have ever seen .

The Film shows the Sikh Gallery in the Lahore Fort Pakistan - which houses the Princess Bamba Collection it includes the Famous 'Dussehra' painting of Ranjit Singh's Darbar by A. Schoefft.

It also includes many other treasures from The Sikh Raj.

Enjoy it - Please accept my apologies for the atrocious quality !!


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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