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Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed


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Gurfateh !

This Month (13th Nov) marks the Shaheedi of Baba Deep Singh Ji , and the start of a period when we all remember the Mahaan Shaheeds of the Panth ; - The Shaheedi of Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji , Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das, Bhai Dayala , The Shaheedi of the Sahibzadas and the Shahids of Chamkaur Sahib and the Shaheedi of Baba Gurbaksh Singh.

As a mark of Respect I am posting these videos .

The First is of Bhai Joga Singh Jogi and Jatha - Relating the Shaheedi of Baba Deep Singh Ji and Bhai Gurcharan Singh Gohalwar & Jatha - relating the bravery of Bhai Bachittar Singh ---( This is just a short clip - I do not have the full version - if anyone does, please upload it I would love to see/hear it . I have been looking for it for a while .)

Please click on the link ;


The second film is of the 'Nabhe Walian Bibbian' and Bhai Balwant Singh Premi - relating the events around the Shaheedi of Baba Deep Singh Ji and honouring all Shaheeds of the Panth.

Please click on the link ;


I bow my head in 'Pranam' to these Great Souls.

Sat Siri Akaal - GurBar Akal - Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh !

Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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