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What GOD wants from all religions


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What GOD wants from all religions?

GOD wants everyone to merge with Him. GOD do NOT want us to be in heaven only, because Heaven is only a temporary phase.

GOD sent great spirits to earth (before Sikhism) to teach the world about GOD and to teach everyone to worship One GOD and how to merge with GOD. But whosoever attained some spiritual knowledge created their own Simritis . NO ONE reached GOD, no one merged with Him. So, GOD sent Guru Nanak DevJi followed by 9 more GURUS to spread the naam of One GOD.

Sikhs say that all religions are equal, but some from us raise the question that if all religion reaches to same GOD, then there is NO need for a person to be a Sikhs or take Amrit. This is wrong thinking. It is explained as follows:

All religion’s prophets (Hindus, Islam, Christians, Jews,………, EXCEPT Sikhism) promise their followers heavens, but Sikhism believes that one MUST merge with GOD and should not think about just heavens. So, the followers of all religions who promised heavens WILL get a heaven according to their deeds. Because they asked for Heavens and they will get it; but no religion is trying to merge with GOD except Sikhism.

But there is a condition on ALL religions that one must have Guru in order to be in heaven. Say a person has done very good deeds in this world, but does NOT have a Guru (Guru must be merged with GOD) will NOT get a place in heaven, instead they will be sent to earth in human form (because they have good deeds to his/her credit) so that person can have Guru in this life; and if that person has very good deeds and GOD wants him to merge with him, then GOD will send that person to this earth as a SIKH, because only Sikhism says to merge with GOD and NOT think about heaven.

Heaven is not the ultimate destination, but sadly mostly religions believes that heaven is the ultimate reality. Actually heaven is temporary phase which a person will get according to his/her deeds; heaven is NOT the ultimate destination. Some person will get a stay of 1 hour and some may get a stay of 10,000 years in heaven, some may get a stay there till the end of Kalyug, but ultimately after spending the decided stay in heaven that person HAS to come back to earth to again go through 84 Lakh species. Those who has got a stay in heaven till the end of Kalyug, will again have to come to earth when GOD will again create everything. Kalyug is the last yug after Satyug, Tritar, and Duvapar yug. After Kalyug GOD will destroy everything including everything from all Khands, except from Sachkhand. Everything in Sachkhand will merge with GOD.

So, if someone wants to merge with GOD and wants to get rid of cycle of birth and death forever, then take Amrit and do good.

One more misconception is those who take Amrit will definitely and do whatever you want, you will automatically get entry into Sachkhand. One has to do kamai, do good deeds in order to be eligible to enter Sachkhand.

Then what’s the use of Amrit: The advantage is if we take Amrit, but do wrong things in life, then Guru Gobind Singh Ji will secure us a human form as a Sikh in the next birth instead of going to narak. In order words if someone does take Amrit, but does NOT do good deeds, then GOD will provide that person other human forms until he is eligible to get into Sachkhand. Amrit is the shortcut to Sachkhand; otherwise one take several millions of trillion births to reach Sachkhand.

If someone (from any religion) has good deeds, but is not eligible for Sachkhand, then GOD will again provide that person with other human form births (as a Sikh) until he/she is eligible to get into the Sachkhand.

Entry to Sachkhand is extremely difficult, one has to several births to be eligible for Sachkhand, but Guru Gobind Singh Ji has provided us with a shortcut eligibility to enter Sachkhand.

Now, what is Sachkhand, and where are these heavens etc?There are total of 5 khands, and Sachkhand is the highest place where GOD resides. All Khands have certain age and every person in these khands have certain length of stay according to his/her deeds. But the persons in Sachkhand will stay there forever and when Kalyug will be destroyed, the persons in Sachkhand will be merged in GOD.


Pauri 34 of Siri Jap jee Sahib explains Dharam Khand. This is the khand where our soul goes to after death. This is where Dharam Rai is stationed. Almost every religion explains this khand in some form or the other. This Khand is huge and this is where heavens and hells are. Dharam Rai has an army of millions and millions jammdoots who control the whole Dharam Khand. Siri Jap jee Sahib summarizes this Khand as follows:

There are countless seasons, waters, fires, fires and low-lands like Pataal. Amidst such wide variety of things is the land of Dharam Khand. There countless kind of creatures reside. These creatures are there suffering punishments or getting rewarded for their good deeds. Everybody is judged according to their deeds done on Karam Bhoomi (our Earth or likes of it). The darbar of Dharam Rai is based on truth. Panch Jan i.e. the accepted persons get recognition and respect there. Such persons are recognised by the nishaan (symbol, or mark) on their forehead that appears as we do bhagtee of True Naam. All this may seem like fiction here but once we get there, we will realize how true it is (Nanak, Gaiyaan jaapai jaaye). When Waheguru takes back his creation, this Khand gets destroyed.


No matter who one is, everyone has to come to Dharam Khand. Persons who has good deeds go there as well as who do NOT have. The difference is that when the good person arrive there, no record of them is found there and because of the divine mark on their forehead, they are very well respected there. Bad people on the other hand get stiff punishments there and are sent to hell and thereafter back to earth to go through the 8.4 million forms, depending on their karma.

Gursikhs and other good people who are above heaven move on to the next khand i.e. Gyaan Khand. This is a very huge Khand and references to this Khand too are found in various religious books. This is where most of the prophets and saints of other religions fall.

The ones who worship Siri Krishna, Vishnu jee, Shiv jee, and Mohammadans etc. fall in this Khand. This is where Baikunth i.e. residing place of Siri Krishna and his devotees, Buddha, and other great religious leaders are. This place is very beautiful and there are countless Krishna, Shiv jees, Buddhas there. The bhagats like Dhru reside in this Khand. This Khand is very great Khand and only fortunate ones reach here. The only drawback is that the residents of this Khand are not eternal.


This is the third Khand and hereon it is impossible to describe the Khands. Sharam Khand and the two Khands above this i.e. Karam Khand and Sach Khand are beyond description. One thing is for sure that the way we are today, we cannot comprehend anything there in Sharam Khand. For this reason when one reaches this Khand, one gets new senses, mind, intelligence and surti. The reason is that with old senses and mann, budh, we cannot comprehend anything there. Sharam Khand is essential for Bhagats before they can enter Karam Khand and Sach Khand. Sharam Khand is like prep Khand for entering Karam Khand and Sach Khand. This Khand is extremely beautiful. Everything there is just too beautiful to describe. Guru Sahib just says that no one should bother to describe anything there as it would be futile and such person who tries to say anything about this Khand have to regret.

Karam Khand and Sach Khand exist in such fashion as a house and varaandaah exist. Varaandah is like the outskirts of a house but within the boundery of the property. Normally the top of the varandaah is ceiling. From Karam Khand one can view the inside of the house and know what is going on inside but can’t go inside. There is immense Anand (Bliss) in this Khand. Only real warriors who have subdued all bikaars can enter this Khand. This Khand – Karam Khand is accessible mostly (NOT only) to Gursikhs of Guru Nanak Dev jee but some rare ones who do kamaayee of Kirtam Naam (qualitative names like Raam, Gobind etc.) and give their best shot to it, but are not Gursikhs of Guru Nanak can reach Karam Khand. Both Karam Khand and Sach Khand are eternal Khands.

Sachkhand is the highest khand where Waheguru resides. Sach Khand is huge and the whole creation including other 4 Khands are within Sach Khand. Sach Khand surrounds the whole creation and is inside the whole creation. In essence Sach Khand is Waheguru himself. In Sach Khand, the bhagats don’t lose their identity. The Ten Gurus occupy the top position along with Waheguru. It is futile to write anything about it. Guru Nanak Sahib has written that to describe Sach Khand is like chewing iron (Nanak, Kathna KaraRaa Saar).

Dasam Duaar is a shortcut to Sach Khand. It is like a door to Sach Khand. Sitting here, one can have all the Anand of Sach Khand and know what is going on there. When Waheguru takes back his creation, this is the only Khand which will NOT be destroyed, instead it will be absorbed in the Waheguru/GOD.

It describes that: it is person and his deeds, and not only religion according to which GOD decides. If GOD wants us to merge with Him as soon as possible, he will send us to earth as a Sikh.

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