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Siri Amritsar Ji de Darshan Ishnaan


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!

Siri Amritsar Ji de Darshan Ishnaan

I have had a longing all this week - a Longing to have the Darshan of Siri Darbar Sahib

I know I'm not alone in this longing so I thought I'd post these Photographs and short movies - for you all to enjoy and have a cyber Darshan of Siri Amritsar.

This first film is a clip from the 1960s film 'Nanak Nam Jahaaz Hai' - in it you see Divali at Amritsar - The Deepmala and atishbaazi.

I particularly like this clip as towards the end you have a close up on the Jot (Lamp) kept in the Harimandir Sahib.

This Jot is often not seen by many,as it is tucked away behind the Bhai doing Degh sewa , on the right hand side as you enter.

Here is a picture of the Jot - covered in lace material . The Jot is in the form of a Standard topped with a dome - it has one central 'flame' and then it has a number of brass Lion Heads which form a circle around the base - each have a flame coming out of their mouths. It is sometimes encased in another cage like structure.

I can't find any information about this Jot - in terms of age or history - If anyone has any information Please post it.


The Jot must be quite old as it is in the famous Carpenter watercolour from 1854



Whenever I see the Jot it always reminds me of Bhai Mansha Singh - When Massa Ranghar occupied the Darbar Sahib around 1743 and stopped Kirtan and sewa, Bhai Sahib would secretly enter Darbar Sahib , swim across the sarovar and light the jot - until he was caught and speared to death in the sarovar,

Here is the BodhRaj painting of this sakhi.


In the film clip you can see how the Darbar Sahib looked in around 1969 - note that the central chandelier is smaller and of a more 'organic' style - not the huge one you see today.Also note the Chandoa Sahib is richly embroidered by hand not the machine worked one you see today.

Here is the Clip , click on the link to see it


This next film is from 1986/7 - it was produced by the ISYF (UK) and shows the Amrit Vela Ishnan of Sri Harmandir Sahib - where the floors are washed with milk at around 1am. In this film you can see the Akal Takht still being rebuilt , you can also see the Jot I mentioned above - you also see the priceless wonderfully intricate marble floors of the Harimandir. You also see the 'Sharda' of the very fortunate sewadars who perform this sewa.

Click on the Link to see the film;


This next film is from 1985 - it shows Maharaj Ji's sawari - the arrival of Guru Sahib from Kotha Sahib and the Parkash Sewa and the taking of Hukumnama.

This film is special in that you get to see the Maryada for performing Parkash sewa.

One point I noted is that when the Bhai Sahib is reading the Hukumnama he holds his 'Hazooria' in front of his mouth - a mark of respect which is rarely seen today.

Click on the Link to see the film;


This clip is from the same film as the above one - it shows the Asa Ki War keertan after the Hukumnama - I believe it is Bhai Hari Singh - He sings the beautiful shabad -

a(n)mrith sar sathigur sathivaadhee jith naathai kooaa ha(n)s hohai ||

The True Guru, the Speaker of Truth, is the pool of Ambrosial Nectar; bathing within it, the crow becomes a swan. (Guru Raam Daas Ji

Raag Gujri ang 493

Click on the Link to see the film;


Hope you enjoy the videos


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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