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New Katha Sant Hardev Singh Ji Lulo Walae


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On www.keertan.org a load of katha has been put on of Sant Baba Hardev Singh Ji Lulo Walae doing Katha in england a couple of years back.

The following files are up under the katha section

1984 Ghullughara - 2 files

Amar Katha Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji - 14 files

Amrit Vela Sach Nou - 4 files

Aukhee Gharee Na Dekhan Daee - 2 files

Bani Guru Guru Hai Bani - 2 files

Dhan Guru Amar Das Ji - 2 files

Divan 1-7-98 - 2 files

Divan 2-7-98 - 2 files

Divan 3-7-98 - 2 files

Divan 4-7-98 - 2 files

Divan 30-6-98 - 2 files

Guru Hargobind Ji - 2 files

Har Bisrat Sada Khuaree - 2 files

Har Nama Har Ranu Hai - 2 files

Ja Kai Daras Paap Kot Utaree - 2 files

Koi Jan Har Sio Devai Jor - 2 files

Koi Jan Kavan Eha Jag Meet - 2 files

Sakhi Baba Sri Chand Ji - 2 files

Sakhi Saaman Moosan - 2 files

Sakhi Vali Khandari - 2 files

Savaiya Katha (Sawaiyai Sri Mukhbak and Bhat Sawaiya) - 100 files

enjoy i will get more katha by sant hardev singh up when i can but till then enjoy the 4 gigs put up today

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