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Sant Karam Singh Ji Bhikhi Walae


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The following are four pictures that i took at the gurdwara in Bhikhi which is close to Sri Karamsar Gurdwara (Rara Sahib) The last time i had been there was in 1996 and the mahant at the time was Sant Karam Singh Ji who were originally from Gurdaspur but became part of the jatha of Sant Ishar Singh Ji Rara Sahib in the late 60s and early 70's they can be seen in the divans on VCD of Sant Ishar Singh Ji in the Uk. They normally are performing the Chour Sahib di seva. I was shocked to learn that they had passed away a couple of years ago due to them being poisoned by a member of their sangat. The belongings of Sant Karam Singh Ji are now preserved as the phots show below.


The above photo is of the bed on which sant Ji slept with a number of photos of Sant ji on the bed and surrounding it


Above is a photo of the Shastars belonging to Sant Karam Singh Ji


The above phot shows all of Sant Ji's footwear encased in a cupboard


The last photo is again of photos of Sant Ji in the prime of their life

Alot of sangat now follow Sant Ranjit Singh Ji Dhaddrian Walae who were taught by Sant Karam Singh Ji for a short time by the present Mahant of the Dera is Sant Salvinder Singh Ji


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