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Guru Hargobind Sahibs gifted Sarangi

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Guru Hargobind Sahib, although not inventing it, introduced the Sarangi to the Sikhs, mainly as an accompyment to singing Gurbani Vaars to induce warrior spirit in the first Sikh soldiers.

The Sarangi was chosen over the currently used Rabab and Saranda, due it's hugely flexibility and fast playing capability, needed to render the folk dhunis required in the some of the vaars. It may be that these dhunis were already traditionally rendered with the sarangi.

There is also a theory that Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji added the dhunis after Guru Arjun Dev Ji completed the holy Ad Granth sahib. Researchers have the dhunis are written in a different writing in the Kartarpuri bid, but others say that the writing style is the same etc, always a contentious subject. Hopefully one day someone will digitalise the Kartarpuri bid!

In any case here is an excellent intro to the Sarangi, by a student of a master..


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