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help me with a speech for Vaisakhi

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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

i am preparing for a speech on Vaisakhi 1699 at my local Gurdwara.

i am using the katha of Ustad Bahadur Singh ji on vaisakhi as an inspiration, and i would like to add a few things:

i found these verses in the Saka Sirhind movie and wonder where they are from:

"You are wrong if you think, i had only 4 sons. i have thousands of sons, and in them, i see the four i sacrificed. These four sons were virtues from Waheguru, their body pots were to be smashed so that those virtues could be poured into the Khalsa."

then it continues to praise the names of the beloved Sahibzade and the inner meaning of their names.

i looked in the Zafarnamah but could not find it there.

is it from Sarbloh Siri Granth Sahib?

also i would like to know if the following narration of Vaisakhi day is correct as i heard it somewhere.

it says that when Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj kneeled infront of Panj Pyare and asked for Amrit they said "Wait. What are you willing to sacrifice for the panth in order to recieve amrit- like we just give our 5 heads".

Guru Maharaj replied " As you sacrificed 5 heads, so will i sacrifice 5 heads for the sake of Panth, Khalsa and righteusness".

the 5 heads he is here refering to is then:

4 Sahibzade and Guru Tegh Bahadur Maharaj.

where is this narration from?

thank you in advance. i need to verify these info so that i can know if it is save to use them in the speech.

Gurufateh jee

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