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Sachkhand Darshan - Translations (Bhai Rhandir Singh)

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Countless hidden and manifest vistas are spread within the limitless outer space. It is extremely hard to determine the limits of the solar systems and galaxies in the immensely vast visible realm. So who has the ability to find the limits of the secret, undisclosed, and unknowable creation or the invisible realms of the almighty creator. The naturally manifest constellations of light are beyond the field vision of our eyes and only those whom the creator looks upon with grace are blessed with divine sight, the ability to see within ourselves and vision of what is beyond our visible realm. The complete picture of outer space with all its stars and constellations is beyond the students of science. The encircling extent of our vision is limited to the distant mirage where the earth and sky meet. Even after employing the largest telescope or microscope, scientists have not been able to discover the depth and vastness of the visible creation. The latest and most indepth discoveries in science only shed light on cosmic particles, electrons and radio waves. The discoveries themselves are considered to be a revelation of the invisible creation, a miraculous breakthrough. The findings were seen as a decisive strike against those prideful materialist whom thought that there is no hidden creation beyond the visible one. From the unknowable and indiscernible depths of creation, scientists have only discovered knowledge equal to the weight of a beam of light and furthermore, the discoveries are insignificant. Even after acknowledging the new discoveries there are many who would still doubt the existence of colorful, picturesque, profound and unfathomable creations.

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