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Alcohol/drinking and Sikhism teaching!!!!!!!!!!!


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Q75. Is drinking permitted in Sikhism?

The Sikh Gurus banned the use of intoxicants including alcohol on account of its harmful effects. It is physically harmful and mentally disturbing. Man, under the influence of drink, loses the power to reason and normal action.

Guru Amardas wrote in the Guru Granth Sahib(p. 554) against the use of wine by the Sikhs:

"One man offers wine and another pours it himself;

It makes him crazy and senseless and devoid of all reason.

Then one cannot distinguish between one's own and another's and is cursed by God. Drinking it, one forsakes one's Master and is punished at the Lord's Court. Yes, drink not this vicious wine, under any circumstances."

At another place the Guru wrote that the wages of drinking are sin and vice(p.553):

"The body is the pitcher, selfhood the wine;

And society is of craving and outgoing of the mind.

Yes, Desire is drinking bowl brimming over with falsehood;

And Yama is the bar-man.

Drinking such a wine, who can earn anything but vice and sin?"

Guru Gobind Singh in his Rahatnama addressed to Bhai Chaupa Singh banned the use of any intoxicating drink. A Sikh of the Guru should never drink wine. (Guru Ka Sikh Sharab Kadi Na Peevay).

Apart from religious injunction, scientists have proved that the frequent use of alcohol makes people addicts and they become aggressive and unruly. the custom of offering drinks to friends and guests is socially dangerous. And when taken in excess can have terrible effects on one's general health.

Drinking damages the liver, the heart and the brain. In the United States of Americal "alcoholism" is regarded as a disease to be controlled by society and government.

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hey, i havent been on here much nemore :cry: just a quick question, i thought that an arthodox sikh wasnt meant to:

Halal, Haraam, Hadjamat and Huka

Eating Halal, sexual relations out of marriage, cutting of hair and tobacco.

well thats wot i was always taught :?

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nah not just tobacco?! ur a sikh and u thought it wasnt wrong 2 drink?!

nah mate!!! big no no! no form of intoxicant of any kind.....anything that harms the bod or influences ethe body is not allowed....

and also on the halal front it depends...varying beliefs....all sants and religious personlaities have believed in no meat at all....but others say u can..eitha way theres a big post on that....figure out ur own beliefs from there.

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Gur pyare sat sangat

bwbw horu Kwxw KusI KuAwru ]

baabaa hor khaanaa khusee khuaar ||

O Baba, the pleasures of other foods are false.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Siree Raag


suAwd luBq ieMdRI rs pRyirE md rs lYq ibkwirE ry ]

suaadh lubhath ei(n)dhree ras praeriou madh ras laith bikaariou rae ||

Those who are deluded by sensual pleasures, who are tempted by sexual delights and enjoy wine are corrupt.

Bhagat Kabeer Ji

Raag Gauree


AMimRq kw vwpwrI hovY ikAw mid CUCY Bwau Dry ]2]

a(n)mrith kaa vaapaaree hovai kiaa madh shhooshhai bhaao dhharae ||2||

One who trades in this Nectar - how could he ever love the wine of the world? ||2||

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Raag Aasaa


ijqu pIqY miq dUir hoie brlu pvY ivic Awie ]

jith peethai math dhoor hoe baral pavai vich aae ||

Drinking the wine, his intelligence departs, and madness enters his mind;

Guru Amar Daas Ji

Raag Bihaagraa


kih kbIr sgly md CUCy iehY mhw rsu swco ry ]4]1]

kehi kabeer sagalae madh shhooshhae eihai mehaa ras saacho rae ||4||1||

Says Kabeer, all other wines are trivial and tasteless; this is the only true, sublime essence. ||4||1||

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