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Taekwondo/Karate? vs. ShaoLin Kung Fu + KF Master Finger


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I love the Monks composure, he doesn't even break a sweat, whilst the TWD man is all over the place...

The Monk just seems to be breathing with the other fighters move....

Shows what meditation, patience and calmness can accomplish!

Alongside many years of "scary" training of course!!!

This is next clip is also amazing! And I used think 2 finger press ups were cool!b

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I see where your coming from, but do you not think that maybe the Monk was just trying to demonstrate the futility of his opponents agression?

Also, he showed how to retain energy, whilst the opponent was totally wasting energy.

Of course if this was a real situation, it would be another matter, and I think the Monk would have used a different strategy (very quick and short one), this was simply a friendly demonstration.

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