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Raag Maajh with Shaan and Mangla Charan

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An excellent and "live recording" (non-studio) of Raag Maajh with Shaan and Mangla Charan. It is so inspiring to see Professor Ji giving these young (some 14 years old) students the opportunity to present kirtan in it's original form.

Note,, all the original Sikh saaj are used here - Jori, Dilruba, Tanpura, Saranda, Sarangi and Taus. The only one missing is the Rabaab.

Shaan is a musical piece that ws traditionally played before singing a shabd. It serves multiple purposes i.e. allowing the raagi to practice and become familiar with the raag (as a preformance consists of many raags/shabds, so need to be able to adjust), sets the mood for the sangat, allows artistic expression in a controlled manner (unlike the many classical raagis today going over the top with alaaps, bol alaaps and technicalities)...

It also traditionally proved to the once educated sangat, what the raag would be through playing the Mukh Angs (main characters, defining combination of notes).

Mangla charans are the various combinations of Mul Mantar that appear in abbreviated form or in full form, at the beginning of each Raag, and are repeated within Raags where there is a change in the musical mode or where the writer changes.

Please add any raag Maajh shabd videos or audio here.

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