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lakh chaurasi

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Your 'life' in a human body is privileged because the 'conscious stuff' which makes the universe is concentrated highly within humans. Or has the possibility to become more concentrated eventually realising the source or his all-ness waheguru. As is my understanding the human birth is the only one out of the 'lakh chaurasi' which is privileged to be able to ascend and descend on the cosmic ladder. So can you imagine that after spending millions of years living as different forms of life throughout the universe how grateful a jeev would be to be born as a human?

Some people may say that 8.4 million life forms is an allegorical number usually they are scholars, but having read some posts of certain scholars on this site I have developed a serious distaste for arrogant scholars, if a persons knowledge is not verified by the internal conscience, if it is not 'digested' or there is no practical experience of this knowledge then the words become hollow and rob the words of any shakti or emphasis they become dead words.

Sorry for going off topic but I had to relieve my burden. Going back, if a person lives a human life animalistically he will transmigrate through animal beings, if he lives his life godlike he will become a god. But a God can go back to lakh Chaurasi Joon. Only the all in one and one in all god does not transmigrate. So all the Lakh Chaurasi Joons are in your body now. The human body conatins these in a causal state. Depending on karma certain animalistic tendencies of certain life forms are emphasised, and when enacted these actions pile up evidence, recorded by the scribe of death who at the time of death adds up the actions and proceeds to allocate you a womb. Karma is Karma but effects can be lessesnd through bhagtee or sadhana, but thats a whole other thing.

I should have said the mind contains all the lakh chaurasi joons. This is a warning against the ease it is to fall into animalistic or lower actions. There are 8.4 million classes of lower beings which each have there own negative traits. So the mind has billions of negative traits to be immersed in if it so chooses. Guru Ji has revealed this knowledge to us to give us perspective on maya and how many entanglements there are, and remember some animals are very graceful and beautiful and noble which is the equivalent of a human who is very knowledgable, but graceful and beautiful animals are still animals, which means they represent lower forms of knowledge (i elucidated this point because people with much knowledge are habitually selective in what they choose to understand due to the narrowness of non experential knowing)

by the way i would like you to know i have an extreme fondness for aloo i have this negative trait because i am only human,

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