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Sirsa Saude wala behrupia, derawaad production direct threat

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Respected Brothers/sisters,

Accept my Gur Fateh.

As u will be very well aware from the media reports, now direct attack is coming from Derawaad (dera-ism) previously, Bhaniara, Ashutosh and now behrupia sirsa saude wala, who seems to have direct or indirect support from some of the political parties/sects.

On the one hand, he is facing criminal cases of rape, murder etc. being investigated by CBI etc,but nobody can say it will be a fair result or will be influenced by money & politics.

Other handedly, he is copying Sikh Guruji's Historical events, such as:

(i) Name: Sacha Sauda, it is copied from Shri Guru Nanak Devji's great event of Sacha Sauda while Bhojan (food) was distributed to the hungry saints by most respected Pehli Patshahi, instead of doing any other business, as directed by Hon'ble father of Guruji.

(ii) In his lecture, he gives quotations from Shri Guru Granth Sahibji. It would not be objectionable, as far as I think, but he always mis-quote Gurbani in his own favour.

(iii) The major crime & direct attack towards sikhism, is copying of most Honourable Guruji Dasmesh Pita's Baana & Kalgi and then baptising his fooled people just as was done in Amrit Sanchar by Honourable Kalgidhar Patshah.

Heart & sentiments of Every Sikh have been hurted & injured.

We all must whole-heartedly & joined-headedly thinkdeeply & sincerely the ways, how to defend, avoid & finish such anti-sikh events.

Gur Fateh.

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however, post may be continued for discussion on the increased derawaad (deraism) which is mainly result of in-action knowingly/unknowingly by the Sikh Organization as well as Sikhs at their own, who have not full faith in Sikhi, etc.etc.

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