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    Sikh History, Gurbani sangeet, indian classical music, computer, affection with nature & its creations, Ayurveda & ancient traditions, classic literature.
  1. veer Kam1825ji, highly thanks for the recordings of Sant Sujan Singhji Keertan. It is gr8 service.
  2. WJKK WJKF to all. Respected all viewers. this is chhinderpal singh from punjab moga. deeply mesmrised by Gurbani keertan in Nirdhaarat raags (Gurmat Sangeet) also practising Keertan. trying to know about more & more about our great Gurujis from History. also interest in Ayurveda & herbal secrets & remedies with them. from family tree of Bhai Lalo Ji. Pay respect to all who are at their work in serving Sikhi, Gursikhi with their own ways by the blessings of our Honourable Guruji. WJKK WJKF. n.b. recently joined.
  3. someone will ask why word "Waheguru" "Satnam" is written a no. of times in SGGSji? We may get guidance & advice from the Great Great Gurbani and not such meaningless questions
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