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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2662272/This-similar-Nazi-occupation-Europe-says-Iraq-chief-ISIS-burn-cigarettes-Sharia-law-Britain-warned-militants-target-UK.html 40 Indian constructions workers have been kidnapped by Islamic state of Iraq and Sham militants in Baiji, Iraq. Many Punjabi Sikhs are amongst them. Very Sad news 'Meanwhile, the families of 40 Indian construction workers kidnapped by ISIS in the city of Mosul a week ago gathered at the Golden Temple in Amritsar to pray for the safe return of their loved ones.'
  2. Yh seems that way bro. It seems Akaal really does work in mysterious ways, turns people into the complete opposite. I'd rather chat on private message bro. Its funny that you remember my comments, looking back now I'm ashamed and embarrased of them
  3. I guess now you are begging for favours from your rulers.
  4. Ok continue with the personal attacks. I'm not going to attack anyone's character. I'm simply saying not only Sikhs have claim to Punjab, many people do. Demographics has nothing to do with it, otherwise the Khalsa raj of old was illegitimate because Muslims made up the majority of Punjab.
  5. Yes aksantali. I am the same KhalistaniGunman from the Sikhsangat forum.
  6. This is what I don't understand. I think many sikhs need to understand that their ancestry and lineage extends beyond 500 years. A mere 500 years is not enough to claim a region so ancient.
  7. Please don't speak on behalf of all Hindus and Sikhs, speak on behalf of yourself. As a sikh I dislike JSB and Indira. Both were far too reckless to be in positions of power. Both have had myths built around them which are false. Both have a cult of personality which adores them. Both were at fault for the bloodshed. Both were obsessed with their own legacy at the cost of the people.
  8. Veer me and you know well that Hardline Khalistanis are not interested in a Maharaja Ranjit Singh style Raj. Pre-1849 sikhi was vastly different to what we have today. It just isn't possible to create a Ranjit singh style raj while this puritanical Sikhism dominates the community. Far too much intolerance and narrow-mindedness to ever effectively run a independent state. I remember a certain hardliner who I spoke to over a year ago. I questioned him if a Hindu was ever to rise up to a position of power etc President or PM. Would the constitution of an independent Khalistan allow him to take office. He went onto say Sikhs would form a majority in Punjab and would never allow a non-sikh ever to enter into a position of power. In his own words he claimed he didn't want a repeat of the dogras. Now you might suggest this was a nobody and his views are irrelevant, but this was a nephew of a well-known kharkoo who is quite active in the Khalistani 'community'. I would say these kind of intolerant views are very widespread amongst the youth who are caught up in Khalistani ideology. I myself was guilty of this too
  9. Veer it doesn't need only approval of 70% of Sikhs. It needs approval of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other minorities in Punjab. Remember the puraatan Khalsa fought a people's war against Mughals, they had the support of Hindu and Musalman who both at times even fought alongside the Khalsa . The Khalistani movement failed because it doesn't have the interest of all the people.
  10. This debate just demonstrates how destructive religious fanaticism is. The malechh in the video clearly justifies the slaughter of young children. If you can make it to near the end of the video. The Taliban rep also mentions Ghazwatul Hind, for those who dont know, a saying of Muhammad extracted from the Hadeeth claims that the 'Mujahideen' will conquer Hind.
  11. Unfortunately bro your soch is in the minority.
  12. Which is why I don't want this forum to go the way SikhSangat did. Just out of curiosity singh. How would you react to a Sikh who rejected JSB, the Khalistani movement and even the Anandpur Sahib Resolution? Would you even consider them Sikhs? Or is refusing affiliation with certain political or ideological movements a form of apostasy to you?
  13. I've been reading some comments on here that come across as hate-filled especially towards Hindus. SikhSangat went down the shitter a long time ago. Don't let it happen to this forum
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