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  1. Im a fairy lol You're like a fairy. Fairies were the little pixies that usually lived in the forest with wings like butterflies and perfect little faces. they had brown or blonde hair and pale skin with freckles. They were entergetic, joyful, playful, very smart, and peaceful. Fairies are deffinately the most famous of all fantasy creatures
  2. hahahaaha shamee!!! i watched ittt flippin brilliantt glad frenchies won!! woowoowooo
  3. well its not about wantin 2marriages there cud be a reason 4it i dnt want u to get worried about it but its better than havin 3 or 4 or not havin a marriage that doesent work out at all!! iv heard that the left hand tells u wats gna happen and the rite hand tells u somthin to do with the planets/time of events in ur life.Dont kno if this is trueeee
  4. woowoo with loadz of parontes! :wink:
  5. Lalleshvari i thought he was a girl Thanx u guyzzz tusee ve saree baoth chungeee hooo dnt kno if iv wrote that correctlyy lol
  6. I do have the geeta translated in english but the i havent started readin it yet
  7. "Kaliyuga" is that the same thing as the kaliage?? :? iv read that we live in the "kaliage" where women are no longer opressed by men and now have a strong "come back" because of the way women were treated before.
  8. Hi Sis thanx , Mr Singh u are a shetan! lolzz
  9. lol bas bas enough of my name its not been replaced its jus short ,like urs is Mr singh and enough of the akh mar im ur bhenji lol
  10. LOL why u embarassed?? im the one thats embarassed now lol anyways thanx im glad 2be here :bravo:
  11. SSA Every1 im new here too ! luv ur sitee bein readin some interestin posts 8) . My name is sandeep call me sandy 4short by the way im not dangerous at all!! lol
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