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  1. Waheguru Fateh BhagatSingh ji, Thank you for you kind reply and about spinning, I am not overthinking it now. With Waheguru’s grace things are falling it’s place.
  2. Very encouraging and motivating answer. Thank you so much for your help.
  3. Thank you Das ji, very well said , it’s an art not war. It’s all Waheguru ji’s Blessings which I don’t understand and keep opposing, thinking that I don’t deserve it .
  4. Waheguru Fateh veerji, I am preparing myself to take Amrit. I have some personal problems which I can’t discuss on forum and as you mentioned about brahamgayanis, I don’t have any friend who is on this marg and how would I find brahamgayanis. Please if you know anyone in Melbourne, I will really appreciate your help. Coz that’s very right way to discuss yourself with high avastha person. Thank you
  5. Thank you Lucky veerji, it’s very profound reply. I will do this technique for couple of weeks and then let you know the out come.
  6. Waheguru Fateh Lucky veerji, yes I do saas saas and mental japa quietly. But when I sit to focus on shabad, my mind starts focusing on different areas of the body. One more thing I need to tell that whenever I sit down to do Simran, something in middle inside of my head starts spinning, afterwards I can’t handle that pressure and I have to stop meditation. Moreover, I feel energy in my whole body especially in my eyes. When I cover my eyes with hands I see lines like we see on ECG report. It’s very hard to explain. But I can surely say that it is energy. Thats why I get more afraid. Am I getting these things to early? I heard that if someone get them on early stage. they can’t handle it and also they get mentally disturbed. Please explain more on it. Thank you
  7. Waheguru Fateh ji, Sat Veerji and Lucky veerji, Last night I had strange experience, my throat(kanth) created its own sound like buzzing and also felt heartbeat in my throat. My breath is very smooth as well. As I was thinking, why it is happening? Because saas saas Simran is not manifest yet. Please shed some light on it. Thank you
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