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  1. I humbly ask forgiveness from the members who are viewing this, as I wish to address a small matter. just because my post doesn't reflect your views they are automatically classed as "rubbish" and how dare you insult me by saying I don't have the slightest clue what Sikhi is. Actually you are right, I don't have a clue what Sikhi is, hence why I signed up to this forum, as I found it to be probably the only one where members were concerned about Sikhi, where they talked with backed up scriptural proof and not "oh I heard this baba say this". so is this how you help your fellow sikhs, in
  2. I was invited to a Akhand Paath at a Gurdwara in Harrow sometime ago and there I met three elderly women, their name ended with Devi, when I asked is Devi your surname, thay said that they were Namdharis, thats where the conversation ended as they left.
  3. Interesting thread. I have a question, for a Sikh in the "Sikh" faith, how many types of "Amrit" are there? ps. I have used quotes because from what I have read there seem to be alot of different groups who call themselves "Sikhs", but all differ in their practise of the faith.
  4. Dear Everybody, I would like to share my experiences with you, is that allowed? Please let me know, then I shall continue with this thread. Free
  5. The only thing we need to watch out for in the next five years is a Nuclear bomb going off somewhere in the world, maybe America, UK, Middle East (Israel likely target), Russia or India. The blame will be put on, the likely lad, Iran, or even the ghost of Bin Laden. The way things are going on the middle east, things will come to a peak, explode and then calm down. Some people I know (non sikhs), who practice the occult religions, say that before the new age is bought in, the old ways must be cleansed, there will be a period of "purification" and the the new age will start. Kalyug, a
  6. Santa Singh, is he the leader of the Nihungs in India? Is he the guy who re-built the Akaal Takht with Indira Ghandi? Vaheguru, Allah, whatever you want to call the almighty, does not have a gender, hence cannot have "Feminie" energy. I am confident you know the Mool Mantra. Manifested roop is different, but even then, energy does not have a gender, like the soul doesn't have a gender, so how can energy have a gender? Please explain this further. I have read somewhere that Dust Daman was created by a Brahmin. Maybe there is no "source" and it is a story creat
  7. wow, by SatGuru Gobind Singh Ji himself. Is it signed by him? Is this in Dasam Granth? My main question would be, how do you know it is written, uttered by SatGuru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj? When was it written?, Why did he write it, while having possession of Adi Granth? So many Granths appearing, amazing.
  8. Thats right. I know so many jatt families who have pictures of Shiv Ji along side pictures of Sikh Gurus. What a wonderful world.
  9. You have nailed it. All worship apart from that of the Ek-Oankar is indeed worthless.
  10. Hi, Now, please don't get my question wrong. But how does this fall in line with Gurmat? Thanks
  11. Hi, I wanted to find out, if you can meditate without chanting a mantra and what would the results be? What are the benefits of meditating while chanting a mantra? This is a serious question. Thanks
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