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  1. His teacher isn't Niddar Singh is it? Why do you want to know?
  2. I suggest this case is taken to the Sikh Coalition: http://www.sikhcoalition.org/ They fight against the injustices of Sikhs.
  3. I can't believe what i'm hearing, some of my own friends say its not even important to keep your hair or carry shastar, its inside which counts. When i hear people say this, it really does show that we are in kaal yug, these people are distorting Sikhi...by saying this your throwing everything back in Guru Gobind Singh Ji's face for which he sacrificed everything for. I agree its whats inside which counts but the external side is equally just as important. To carry shastar is not only to protect one self, but to protect all others around you also.
  4. If you believe there is one God (Ek-Onkar), which is a fundamental concept of a true Sikh, then interracial marriages arent an issue as we are all a part of him, he is everywhere and everthing, including us. To denounce a marriage based upon religion, race, or caste is to reject this concept, therefore, not being a Sikh.
  5. I totally agree Rups. The Conclusion to this topic is then to respect Gurbani because if you show no respect towards it you cannot love it & without love it remains meaningless. You show respect towards your parents because you love them, the same principle applies towards Gurbani, it offers more than your parents will ever be able to offer so how much respect do you show? The answer is you can never show enough respect.
  6. You have to respect gurbani, aint no two ways about it - its not a grey issue & it is a black and white one - its common sense, think about it, end of discussion.
  7. Where can i buy his albums? Or download them?
  8. I have never been into kirtan or have gone out my way to listen to it, it was always hip hop, r&b, garage, that kind of stuff. One day my mate played his kirtan in the car & now i cant stop listening to it, its awesome - you really have to listen to it carefully & full heartedly to appreciate how good it really is, now when i play hip hop or R&B i think what is this s!*&. Excuse my French. Is Bhai Balbir Singh a Nihang?
  9. What about the saroops of the rest of the Gurus?
  10. I head the original whole boliyan before, very explicit - these guys are jokers man.
  11. If the turban ban goes ahead and other countries follow - i'm sure it will only mean more people will end up keeping their kes, this is the effect 1984 had on people, nothing to worry about.
  12. Yo, i never heard of Baba Nand Singh before man - looks like he was on some next level, nice website. So singh your saying thats actually what Guru Nanak Dev Ji looked like?
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