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  1. thanks for reply But those eternal principles which are part of Sruti im not really knowledgable so what is Sruti and what are the eternal principles?
  2. Is that not the problem then Hinduism is claiming to be Sanatana Dharma.
  3. When was the word sanatan dharma first coined up ?
  4. thanks maha singh and jattboot i'll get searching , i found this dudeee http://www.kageyamadojo.com/shidoshi_greg_tremblay.html
  5. Well im looking to take up some form of martial arts so i thoguht i'd ask the sangat for any recommendations. What your views on Ninjistu, Thai Chi and Akido? Ive done Thai boxing and abit of boxing for a while so im not sure if i should try something new
  6. i heard you only have to unplug your moderm for a few mins and it changes
  7. What is Isht Dev? also are the 1000 jaaps a day to be done in one sitting? can it be done standing? walking? etc... also what other types of rewards are there? from the different japs in the granth? maybe you could post more in english as my punjabi isnt the best
  8. I got a question, hopefully i am not going of topic. Why have some of you felt this divine light, divine, mother/father etc... while people like me havent? is it simply karma? or am i doing something wrong somwhere
  9. Out of curiosity what is the ardas in that gutka?
  10. so let me get this straight guptsingh you don’t believe in jaap Sahib or chaupai, tva prasaad? question for you so what do you make of the amrit ceremony then? what is the nitnem of a sikh according to you?
  11. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ke Fateh Well i been trying to search some meanings of some words online through punjabi dictionary sites but have found them not always helpful. so some meanings of words i was looknig for are advait sajat vajati svay gat behd any help from the sangat please? if i find some more words that i need help with maybe i'll post some more queries here. Dhanvaad Singho
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