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  1. is training for TOTAL WAR!!! (by waving his arms in the air)

  2. For all your talk of accepting the commands of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, it is clear that you moorakhs do no such thing. Instead, you worship the opinion of bewakoofs and apostates like Darshan Lal and Kala Afghana who ignore centuries of Sikh history that recognises the whole of Sri Dasam Granth as indisputibaly the work of Guru Gobind Singh. And please, quit the "we only follow Sri Guru Granth Sahib because Guru Gobind Singh Ji said so" spiel when you clearly have no respect for the bani written by Dasmesh Pita. K.
  3. When you do namaz, you are doing pooja of a meteorite and some black cube in which the murti of Allah, his daughters Al-Lat and Al-Uzzah, and other Meccan deities used to reside. K.
  4. 20 quid says that this pir's revelation about whatever it is he thinks Sikhs are not ready for will be the usual Muslim dawah bullshit about Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji really being a Muslim. I feel sorry for the fools who look for secrets from pirs, sufis, saadhs, or whatever about our own Gurus when we as Sikhs have access to the sargun form of Akal Purakh in the roop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. K.
  5. I am not worthy do be the dust on the feet of some of the Guriskhs here, but sarbatdapala ji, if you ever want to talk to about your concerns, or if you just want to shoot the breeze, send me a PM whenever. Also, I would suggest that you obtain a circle of friends who share a common interest outside of religion, perhaps something like a martial arts group so that you have a circle of support from people who will not influence your religious ideals. Sometimes it is a good idea to have a non-religious activity on which you can focus your mind. Regards, K.
  6. So let me get this straight. Our ancestors were martyred, thousands of men, women and children achieved martyrdom rather than give up their faith for the cult of Mohammed, and you want to start doing namaz because some of your friends are being a l? If you want the sangat of rehatvaan Gursikhs with noble character and Gursikhi jeevan, then do an ardas for this. There are sadhanas in Sankat Mochan and Sharda Pooran Granth do obtain the kind of Sangat. At the end, no one will go with you. Not your friends, not your family, not your sangat, and none of your shiny new Muslim friends eithe
  7. If you look at the life history of various Sants, their parents were known to do immense bhagti, so I would say that your thoughts during the act of procreation (and what you do during pregnancy) will affect the avastha of your child. Ideally husband and wife should do bhagti together and do an ardas for a child with high avastha before they try to make a child. This bhagti should continue all the way through to the child being born, and the first sounds that a child should hear should be the sound of Gurbani. Sexual activity within marriage is self-limiting. If you start to impose compl
  8. Why would the Gurus suggest marriage if they believed that only behangam saadhs get mukti? If we were all behangams, there would be no Sikhi after very long. The purpose of marriage is to satisfy your carnal desires without repressing them and to enlarge the Khalsa fauj. If Akal Purakh despised sex so much, he would have just created us to reproduce asexually like flowers. I believe people who believe sex to be sinful have no love for the creation of Karta Purakh. Guru Ji has already told us that we go to hell if he commit adultery, not if we fulfil the duties of marriage. As to your
  9. I really don't understand this need for people to complicate matters so much when it comes to a simple physical thing like sex. If you are thinking about sex all the time, then get married so that your procreative instinct is satisfied. Have a normal sexual life and do your bhagti. Similarly, if you have an itch that is ruining your concentration, scratch it and continue with your meditation. Behangam lifestyle is for some people who have natural monastic tendencies and bhagti from former lives. It's probably easier to achieve mukti this way because you have access to that reservoir
  10. The phonology is exactly the same. Even the order of the Gurmukhi characters is the same as in Devanagari. The only real difference is that there are some conjunct characters in Devanagari that you don't find in Gurmukhi. See the table of Devanagari consonants here Replace them with Gurmukhi consonants starting at kakka khakha and you have a direct map from one to the other script. The grammar is very similar. K.
  11. To be honest, I didn't know the parts of speech either until I had to learn Latin to decipher some texts I was interested in. It's not something that is taught these days in schools unless you study a foreign language in an academic setting at college/university level. Yes, that's Devanagari script. I only learned enough Braj to illuminate some Dasam Granth passages (I am too lazy and I have too little free time these days do do much more, alas). I'm not sure how similar the Braj Bhasa of Dasam Granth is to the language spoken today in UP, but they are definitely related. K.
  12. It's Devanagari, same script Hindi is written in. If you know Gurmukhi script, Devanagari script will only take you an hour or so to learn. It's well worth the effort to learn it because it will enable you to read Snell's book and gain a better underatanding of Braj and a lot of the poetic structures used in Gurbani (arril, sorath, etc). K.
  13. No, you sounded fine, it just seemed like you were translating the questions you'd written down in English into Punjabi on the fly (and you did a pretty good job). Sant ji scares the crap outta me!
  14. Neo Singh: I think I'm speaking for everyone here when I say thank you so much for this priceless seva! K.
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