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  1. You can make this better bro! Ask the creator to make food, water, and shelter available to everyone. Wait for a while, and lets see what happens! I "stargaze" while you search for invisible friend in the sky! Well, at least the star gives off some light. BTW, I was just talking to a family friend who is a local leader in the Gurudwara over here in Toronto. He says people call into ask what type of sabji is being cooked today, and how many different kinds.
  2. Prevented 300 deaths? Thats it? The Army based on satellite and other information prevented thousands. Yur talking to the wrong person. I have very little compassion or sympathy, unfortunately. I feel nothing. Hindus or otherwise. Ultimately, its Gods will, no? Is that what your taught to believe when you fork over cash? Enjoy that Langar bro!
  3. Exactly. Its been drilled into Indian people for generations as to what to eat or not to eat. I'm glad though that meat, grain, milk etc.. production and consumption is up significantly. Hmmmmm.....chicken! Yum Yum..
  4. A person can't eat what he wants because our granth, religious institution, guru or avatar said so! Really? A malnurished child should not be allowed to eat egg, pork, beef, chicken for nutrition? That is the message that I get from India's religious institutions... But........the silver lining is that you can ask your God, to whom you donate billions, if not trillions yearly, to step in.......can you do this for us? You see a true Humanist pretty much is ambivilent towards the concept of God and religion....and rather believes human beings are the doer.
  5. Humanism? You mean sitting in you air conditioned room somewhere in the west, logging onto your iphone or computer and making comments that are detached from reality? I wonder if you are the type of person who would have prevented inventions and technology in past in your quest for begumpura. The same technologies directly or indirectly employ hundreds of millions, if not billions of people across the globe. How many trillions did your western world steal from places like India and China? Are you culpable in the grinding poverty of developing nations?
  6. Like I said earlier. Poverty in India, or anywhere is a result of mistakes committed by the government, people themselves, religious institutions and corporations. The solution to these problems has to be solved by all of them together. You can start off by telling "the people" to do a few things outlined below: a) Have less kids - unless of course you want the government to come into your bedroom and wrap your lingam for you. b) Open up a bank account under the Dhan Yogna Scheme (190 million accounts opened so far) money and benefits will be directly transfered to your accounts
  7. I'm not an idealist but a realist. Money makes the world go around. Do you think the noble langars served in the Gurudwaras are done for free? The maintenance of temples and creating new ones are done for free? Social programs? Nothing is for free. Even when you go to Gurudwara or Temple you probably bring with you 5 dollars. Simple Formula - Money = more opportunities. I'm surprised by you. Here you are probably sitting in a capitalistic society yet you wish socialism upon your people in Punjab.
  8. Right now it is the worst but at some point it was very good. Social development amongst the Christian nations was just as bad up until about 150 years ago. Those are just civilizational cycles. There is no use in comparing islam, hinduism and Christianity to Sikhism. These are massive civilizations that span several millennia. Keep in mind I do see Sikhism going the same way as others. Right now your population is only about 25 million wait till it hits 100 million or 200 million.
  9. Btw, the Hindu temples are willing to part with their trillions in gold to help the nation move forward. Are you and your community willing to do the same?
  10. Lol! Think for a moment, if this taxpayer took his 5 rupees and gave it a poor person instead of handing it over to some religious institution. Or how about sponsoring a family or child? Meaning poverty reduction is everybody's responsibilty not just the government. The government, people, religious institutions and corporations are all equally responsible for their fate. While your at it tell your SGPC to start paying taxes.
  11. I guess you missed the post " economic benefits of the space program" before you make such a sweeping and lame declaration. Did you take into account the data? Do you even understand the data? Or you just chose to ignore it?
  12. These nerdy, goofy types are the ones that eventually run the world. While others sit on tractors and sing about the dust on their crops. Or show off their tatoos standing in front of a rented Maserati.
  13. In Southern India a story that sounds like the plot line of a Hollywood adventure is unfolding. Over the past week, on orders from the country's Supreme Court, a panel has found a treasure estimated to be worth $22 billion in the underground vaults of a Hindu temple in Trivandrum, India. The AP reports: Inside the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, investigators were counting the staggering hoard of gold coins and statues of gods and goddesses studded with diamonds and other precious stones. Outside, small groups of armed policemen patrolled the temple grounds in the heart of the Ke
  14. Its because religion and god are not held up to the same standards as governments and people. I'm not singling out Sikhism either. Hindu Temples hold 1 Trillion Dollars in Gold! Modi wants to monetize all this wealth. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/up-to-1-trillion-in-gold-is-held-by-temples-in-india-now-modi-wants-them-to-monetize-this-vast-hidden-wealth
  15. I'm more concerned with the creator of the universe whom you worship completely ignoring the misery, pain, suffering and hunger of the entire world not just "Hindustanis" after all these issues could be solved with a twinkle of an eye by the creator. No? Yet, you still fork over the cash, and have for millenia. How many trillions will your God take? And where are the results, not for myself, but for these poor people? I guess your're no different than the people of India. You just have a different sarkar.
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