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  1. There are two issues here perhaps more. The actual laws and the treatment given to protesting farmers. Farm reform was a long standing recommendation of the IMF and the UN financial bigwigs I have hard time believing modi will pull this stunt without their support. The problem that most of these articles have is with the treatment of farmers not the laws themselves. But they are intertwined. I would prefer the farmers come back with a legit proposal with benchmarks to improve the farming situation in northern India. Has to be a comprehensive plan that de
  2. Sorry, I think I mixed up the guys but this rathore clan has close links with the Sikhs.
  3. The events of the 1980s and the mass killings have a created not only distrust but a sense of hyper masculinity that manifests itself in the movies and music. i see parallels between black rap music and some Punjabi music. The heavy emphasis on guns, cars, women and money. It could be that our newer generation in the west is influenced by rap a lot more than we think and it’s being put back into Punjabi music. distrust is not just a Sikh thing neighboring Haryana and it’s jaats hate government or interference in their matters. And they hate the bjp always have. manohar lal khat
  4. Yeah, it’s a catch 22. The use of the PAN number system in the actual law gives the state and centre government the raw data it needs to make improvements but the farmers want the entire law scrapped. With it goes the data. It’s a messy situation - the farmers are mostly Sikh( from Punjab at least) but the arahtiyas are mostly Hindu Banias used to giving out loans at huge interest rates keeping the average farmer perpetually poor but providing great help in navigating the system. add to that previous good decisions made by the centre government but implemented horribly. It giv
  5. I had a chance to interact with haryaanvi jaats about 10 years back when I went to India. They have a disdain and inborn natural distrust of all governments even their own. Their likes, dislikes, lifestyle, is an exact copy of the Sikh jatts. Extremely patriotic, tight knit but with a short fuse. They will not support any khalistani movement in the larger movement. the strategy is simple from the government side is to frame this is a simple khalistani movement, national security issue in hopes of breaking up the Sikhs from the jaats, rajputs, Uttar Pradesh wala as for the laws I’m g
  6. They can’t get away by calling these farmers as gaddars like others (muslims, leftists) because it is these three or four communities ( Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh) that make up the bulk of the modern indian army even in the past have given huge amounts of sacrifice. Jatts, jaats, rajputs etc..Haryana contributes 11 percent punjab about 7 percent Rajasthan probably similar and same with UP. the farmer unions have skillfully turned the tables on the bjp and deprived them of their greatest weapon. on the 26th I thought it was over because of the events done by som
  7. Continuing on this thread. Hanuman is sometimes shown with a flute. One of things that homo Erectus was famous for was bamboo flutes. Valmiki also says this tribe lived in the caves around kishakinta (modern day Hampi in Karnataka) I’ll get to this shortly. Usually, apes, gorillas and monkeys don’t live in caves preferring the open fields and trees.
  8. This particular complex has nearly 1000 temples (big and small) concentrated in a small area. Worshippers are free to walk around the maze of temples.
  9. Hindu temples were the target of invaders from time immemorial because some held massive amounts of wealth as proven. the internal debate of what to do with this wealth is ongoing in Hindu society. There are people who want to use this wealth to uplift all indians regardless of caste or religion. The other side says hindu donations for Hindu causes only that is what the other religions would do. the third side says leave it as it is. the priests of these temples want to leave it alone and are adamant citing these are sangats donations trusted to us over 500 years.
  10. The wheel in the last photo are unique. They tell the time by the shadow on the spokes
  11. People from the government who were down in the deep caverns describe tons of gold rice, tons of gold rope several meters long, nepoloeonic coins, Venetian jewelry, emeralds the size of ostrich eggs, diamond belts, rare gold statues. Most bizarre were mummies probably of priests that died. Scientists suspect there may more vaults going down even further.
  12. These are the vault doors. The times of India are reporting that 769 gold bars and pots from 500 years ago are now missing.
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