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  1. Do you know what, I cant think of anything better than Bijla Singh actually revealing himself and having a discussion with muslims rather than just posting rubbish all over the internet. Ive also still yet to see any of my "blatant lies" refuted. Im willing to debate here or on my own forum, at least on my own forum the threads arent locked for no reason, where people on the forum here ran out of responses and arbitrarily locked the discussion!
  2. Interesting how people here now want to stifle debate, is it because they have no more answers left? With regards "You only want to convert people", what about Bijla Singh, who blatantly attacks islam all over the internet ,e.g :- "On the other hand, Islam does not teach equality. Islam teaches hatred, inequality and killing of those who do not believe in Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. Islam teaches that only Muslims, who believe in Mohammad being the last prophet, are superior beings to others. " "Non-muslims cannot even go to a mosque " "the God of the Muslims lives in the west"
  3. Hi Vijaydeep, long time! Please do continue the debate, I have still got to address your points as well, which I will do when I get time. Regards, Umar
  4. Hi All, After a short absence, the sikhs2islam website is back up. Check it on :- www.Sikhs2Islam.com Also, very disappointed to see my thread locked, I felt there was a lot of progress being made and i was not given the right of reply to SikhAnswers. Never mind, I will post it all on my website for people to read. regards, Umar, Sikhs2Islam.Com
  5. Sikh Answers, You can also see my reply to your responses, and you may also note that the bijla Singh article was written FIRST, in response to Searchsikhism and Bijla Singh. It is NOT the same article, as even a cursory glance will reveal. Im still waiting for your responses by the way.
  6. Point One ; Is Everyone Equal? Singhs’ first point is to contend that Sikhism is non-discriminatory, and that everyone should love each other as human beings, with no-one having a variable status, no-one being “high or lowâ€. His statement is as follows :- “In Sikhism everyone is equal. All people of different colour, religion, caste, creed, race and sex are equal in the eyes of God. No one is high or low. All are children of God created by God and God loves them all.†However, the Guru’s own teachings portray a different version of events. :- A. Concept of Khalsa Kha
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