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  1. Does anyone know how to tie a gilti like how the saints of Johlan do? fateh
  2. or is it fine to take charan pahul from a sant guru. I know this existed before but ever since the introduction of khanda amrit this initiation has become gupt somewhat. Does it make a difference if you take charan pahul? are you less worthy?
  3. any pics of baba bahaal das? any info, stories?
  4. why do you guys have to go off topic?
  5. i see the pics are out of a book. does any1 have the book or know where to get it? any sakhis? thanks!
  6. if you can get some sakhis that would be great!
  7. Does any1 have info on mahapursh? who was he, when did he live from? any pics? thanks
  8. is this nirmala mahapurh in toronto or will he be anytime soon? If yes, do u hav any contact to him>?
  9. where will they b in canada? possibnly toronto?
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