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  1. Well, i was thinking android or apple. I'm not really experienced in this department. Would making a website or a facebook page be easier, you reckon. I'm still trying to refine my ideas. Any suggestions are welcomed.
  2. I watched a video posted by dalsingh regarding sexual grooming. I never realised how big of an issue it truly was sure I'd heard about it but that video really touched me. I realised it is time to speak up. We cannot sit here all hush whilst our women are being groomed! I want to create an app which will help abused sikh girls to share their stories. I believe it will help them connect with each other, empathise and realise they are not alone. Support is lacking within our community. This app will give these girls a chance to tell their story without shame as they can do so anonymously. I chose the format of an app as it will be easy to access for all and they won't have to disclose their identities, if they don't want to. The only problem, however, is I do not know how to make an app. It would be great if someone could help me. If you know anything about creating apps let me know. Something is better than nothing and we absolutely NEED to do something!
  3. Kudos to Mohan Singh. Good on him. That's what we need. Labelling it as a "taboo subject" doesn't cut it. It just goes back to whole primitive culture thing. There is a time and place for everything, right now we must put culture behind us and do what's best. These girls need support we really do need to stand up for ourselves. To be frank, parents do play a big role. As we know, often times they are unwilling to understand and approach any problem in an effective way whether it be mental illness or something as serious as sexual grooming. It's extremely disheartening to say the least. Of course the mussies are going to say "there isn't any evudence". Everyone is afraid to face the situation. These muslims have mastered the art of exploiting us for our weakness and it's rather pitiful that we are still not willing to learn from it. To let go of our culture for the sake of combating this issue. I can see it from both sides (i.e. the parents saying "you really couldn't do anything" whilst also understanding the girl was helpless, by the time she found out what was going on it was too late). The parents are not willing to understand it from her perspective nor support her, whilst the woman is considering herself the victim but she was young and naive. Parents do really need to talk to their girls about such things. They have to be told the reality of such a situation. Awareness is key.
  4. Well, to be frank I feel pity for these people. I think we might need to spread the essence of sikhi to these communities. It is rather sad to see ourselves in such a state. I don't really see it as their fault, rather it is the weakness of our community. The committees or whatever should really look to helping these people, but that's like hoping for a miracle. I feel, among our people we generally tend envy the success of others, rather than focusing on our own lives. Some pendus are rather ambitious to go to Canada, Britain, etc. but the thing is they ignore the cons of it all. Just because so and so moved to Canada does not mean you yourself should too. It is an obsession among our people. In a way, I don't blame them as much because, as we know, the Indian government isn't really the best. But still, these people need help. They need education, employment and rehabilitation (drugs are a real issue). We might call it embarrassing but it is our problem (as a community), as much as it is their's. Yes, it seems like an act of desperation. It speaks a lot about the sorry state of punjab. Without good leadership there is only corruption. It is disheartening to say the least. The leaders are only in it for the money and fame but leadership is much more than that. It is about ensuring all citizens are protected, have their basic needs met, have opportunities and freedom, etc. That may be too much to expect.
  5. During stages 6 and 7, is the light/ radiance percieved through the senses or rather realised and felt?
  6. That is kind of amusing as according to Hindu scriptures, the kshatriyas were created from the arms of Brahma for the purpose of protecting Brahmins and keeping order in society, with the help of their arms (pun intended). Without military might, order cannot be established. I am not for unnessary violence or war, however to defend dharam violence is nessecary in some circumstances. Some people have a black and white perception of reality, "this is right, this is wrong". It is inaccurate, in my humble opinion. It is righteous to wage war than to sit back whilst your country is being raided. Although, Gandhi has helped in spreading this ideal of "ahimsa" with people suggesting him as the perfect example, it seems like a clouded perception of reality. Ahimsa has its rightful place as does himsa, neither one cannot be neglected.
  7. Just checked out the comments under the video, to see how people took it. Bloody pathetic. All these Hindus and stuff in the comments. It seems it is hard for people to understand that this issue is not simple, it is complex. It has a history behind it. Can't believe there are outsiders that have no idea, talking about how his answer isn't clear enough, "It is either a "Yes" or a "No" when it comes to condemning Mr. Parmar". They have no idea of what they are talking about. Then we have our own people bashing him, isn't really a good look for us. Further, I believe within our own community there is conflict regarding this issue. Everyone gets defensive really quick. I personally think he did a great job at addressing the questions hurled at him, but it is clear that some people aren't willing to step away from their personal biases and inaccurate assumptions to just hear this guy out.
  8. Religion, eh? It can present as a controversial subject, especially considering the role science plays in today's world. Religion is a way to reach God. It disciplines us, connecting us with our true nature, thus God. Ultimately, since God is present in all, every religion worships the creator. Even Hindus who worship Shivji, Devi or Vishnu, Muslims who worship Allah and Christians who worship God. Rather astounding? Maybe. However, there is a simple truth to it. As Krishna said in the Bhagvat Gita, "whoever worships the demi gods worships me but in an improper way". Even so, through the worship of Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Ram, etc. our worship goes to Vaheguru but that way is improper as one does not connect with the formless Lord. The full realisation of one self or enlightenment is not accomplished. One is still bound to heavens however high they may be. All religions are separate paths to the same truth, however followers get deluded by rituals, etc. The materialistic aspect of religion wins many over. Many think themselves noble as they commit many atrocities in the name of religion, I don't believe I have to expand on this. Some claim their religion is superior and that of other's inferior. Some claim Jesus is the way, others say the same about Mohammed or Krishna. Some deny the existence of God and think the believers are deluded. Even this is illusion (maya/ ignorance), not anything else. In each religion, people are urged to worship the supreme being, the formless lord, however, many get caught up in debunking the beliefs of others. What can we preach others if we have not realised the mystery of the formless, whom every religion speaks of? "Raam raam karta sabh jag firey, raam na paiya jaae", why? It is because we cannot overcome our pride and devote ourselves selflessly to Vaheguru/ Allah/ God/ Brahman/ etc. The thing is, in Sikhism the path is straight forward. Guru Nanak, the lord himself, took pity on us wretches and gave us the unadulterated truth. The shabad is the guide, naam the way. However, that does not mean God cannot be reached by following a different religion, he very well can.
  9. Their argument is that hercules is actually 'hari-kula-es' which means king of the hari kula, Krishna or something. Firstly, Hercules is the Roman version of Herakles or Heracles which means blessed by Hera (Greek goddess). So, yeah nah. Doesn't sound convincing. Secondly, those two are completely different. These people publish massive articles on this but none of it is true. It's just propaganda that the gullible types that aren't really into ancient literature may fall for.
  10. I knew it. Something seemed off. I'm no scholar of Sanskrit, but you don't have to be to realise that the grammar seems a bit off, the word "raa" means to bestow something/ daan, according to a Sanskrit dictionary. Plus it sounds a little too much like this: "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah" I don't know, man. It just sounds like they played around with some verses. It would be bhavishya puran. "Bhavekhath purana" sn't a thing. The word 'bhavekhath' is just a corruption of the word 'bhavishya', purans are kind of an odd place to use it since they used proper Sanskrit, befitting the time in which the text was written. The so-called "dhigvajeh puran" isn't a thing either, lol. Who are they trying to fool? This hymn seems to be about Agni. This is ridiculously stupid. Don't fall for it, peeps.
  11. Yes, you are right. They are all titles. The next brahma is going to be the present hanuman. The next indra is hoing to be the present king Bali (from Vaman avtar). One of the next sapta rishi is going to be the present Ashwatthama. It all changes. The present indra is called purandra, that is his name. Anyone that does 100 ashwamedha yagyas is crowned indra. Even hindu granths agree that these devte are bound to birth and death. https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/brahma-vishnu-and-shiva-are-in-birth-and-death
  12. There is no polite way to say this but you guys are stupid. "Oh, I read the first few lines and it says murlee manohar, krishan, hari. Oh yeah, gurbani is praising krishan as the almighty. Let's head to the nearest iscon temple, yeah!" BTW, I am not denying that Krishan is worthy of our respect. Let me explain myself. Had you guys read the shabad properly, it is not hard to understand that this is not in the praise of the satoguni Vishnu, rather the one beyond satogun, brahman/ vaheguru himself. It says, "you are ram chand the one without any form". That is talking about the formless lord within ram chandar. "you are krishna and the gopis", this indicates that the whole creation is brahman/ vaheguru/ parbraham/ allah/etc. The formless one is in all. The shabad further mentions how god has "many limbs". This is definitely not about Vishnu, rather the form of vaheguru which is expansive, endless and infinite. This shabad is to highlight and praise the non-dual nature of vaheguru, yet his many forms are conveyed, which are the very essence of the creation. There is none other than he, even that is the idea that is so poetically conveyed in this shabad. Interesting, is it not? He is the formless one yet he has infinite forms. These forms, however are a play. They are in fact, the same form. This is understood when the ego loosens its grip on us. One truly realises that nothing is separate from the source, vaheguru and that everything is within him even as he resides in all. Therefore, Vishnu is not praised as he is subject to death. He is bound by maya due to being satoguni. Prior to him, many Vishnus have served the creation and many will do so after the present Vishnu. So many Krishnas and Ramas have walked the earth. So many yet to come. There is no end to the lord's creation. For he is the creator and the one that manifests as the created. "Brahm mahesar bisan sachipat ant phase jam phaas parenge". Brahm= brahma, mahesar=shiva, bisan= Vishnu, Sachipat= husband of sachi (Indra). Hence, Brahama, shiva, Vishnu and Indra are subject to the noose of the god of death. How, then can they save us from our mortal woes? It is a matter of fact that, the shabad is praising the infinite forms of vaheguru which he manifests in, to take part in his creation. Hence, the formless lord is being praised, for he alone is the one that governs the hearts of all he alone is all there is. He is maya, brahma, Vishnu, shiva, indra, etc. He is detached yet part of his creation. The creation is in him and he is in the creation. Every atom of the universe is occupied by him, he is within the hearts of all, man and beast. I do not see how this shabad can be interpreted in a way as you have done as that is not even what is implied. And it is crystal clear.
  13. Thanks all for helping but I have gotten all my answers regarding this situation. I got everything figured out from someone.
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