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  1. Fateh, Greetins to all. Basically, I'm going to be a counsellor at one of the Sikh Youth Camps that runs for a week near the end of summer. Anyways, I chose to lead a discussion on issues such as Alcoholism, Violence etc. (if you live in British Columbia, Canada, you unfortunately know how big of a problem it is fast becoming. :? ) Anyhow, anybody have any good ideas or articles/readings that I could present and any ideas for getting the children really involved in the discussion? (ie. skits etc)??? Your feedback would be much appreciated. PS: It's mostly going to be a group of kids
  2. A serious question...... What about them people who get like lets say their eyebrows or something PERMANENTLY electrolicized or lasered (whichever) and basically the hair doesn't grow in too much nemore. Technically, if they take amrit and do the whole 9 yards with the kes etc, does that still technically make em amritdhari since they did get the "unattractive" hair problem fixed? Basically, I'm sure everyone is pretty much agree to an answer of NO, but more input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Once again, who are you to say that two individuals are together only on the basis of eachother's looks? Kind of a shallow argument, isn't it? :roll: Cmon, I expect better than that. Moreover, I can kinda see your argument that some people engage in lust blah blah, but think about: Whenever you see some young Sikh jack walking around with a girl on this hand, do you REALLY THINK THAT HE'LL END UP MARRYING HER? NO!!!!! That's just a stupid guy who's just looking for a good time....please don't automatically lump a person who sees or dates a girl with the concept of a love marriages!! As
  4. Firstly, who's to say that love just means lust. So you're telling me that a person wouldn't feel that same way after seeing their arranged bride for the first time? Not exactly a good example, but you know what I mean....you can't simply correlate only a love marriage with lust Secondly, please don't use that 50% statistic. It's so flawed beyond comprehension. You know why most love marriages end in divorce according to your statistic? That stat is taken mostly from a caucasion population where it is seen as a mostly acceptable action (except catholics blah blah, you get the point though)
  5. Disgraceful indeed, but relatively old news.
  6. Chill. You should get some more info before you jump the gun. You'll more than likely end up shooting yourself in the foot
  7. Here in Surrey BC, all the foolish Punjabi population basically voted for people all the Punjabi candidates....that's why we have fools who can't even speak proper english walking around triumphantly, acting as if they're doing something for the good of the community. In actuality, they're just gettin rich and using the stupid masses as a tool to keep them in power. Seriously, I seriously think some ppl just shouldn't be allowed to vote
  8. Jatti, I assume you're in the 2nd year biochem program at UBC...I am too, but I'm a total idiot by tryin to do honours biochem (well more like doing it for this year, only to have my low marks get me kicked out in 3rd year ) But newayz, I assume you too had chem 202/203 and bio 200, math 200 blah blah as I did. Well, I didn't do too well either.....well not good in respects to the outcome I expected given the amount of studyin I put in :? :x Yep, I know it's hard to do cope with the fact that we're doin so bad in UNI when we basically slept through highschool and still came out with
  9. Haha, but atleast he won't have to deal with the pressures of petty squabbles and mother-in-laws
  10. And when doing so, please remember the word UNBIASED .....cuz really, that's the only way it'll be taken legitimately....give all the facts and let the people make their own decisions
  11. Ahhhhhh, such idealism could only come from the mouth of a young child. Give her a couple of years.
  12. that's what I love about these quaint little stories...they're often easier said than done
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