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Backwards gatra -- acceptable?

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I've lost the use of my right hand for the foreseeable future, and will ultimately recover 50 to 70% of its former use, God willing.

I've noticed that the convention is to use a gatra that goes from the right shoulder to the left hip. Given the fact that people wear miniature kirpans glued to kangas, does it matter that I have a gatra fashioned to have sri sahib available to my left hand?

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Sorry if it seemed a dull question. I wasn't raised in Sikhi, and I have an uphill battle as it is with some of the members of the sangat. I realize that my duty is to waheguru, to be within his will, to do good unto others, to remember his true name, but the truth of the matter is that panthic aspects of Sikhi can get a little tense when you're the the odd gora out. Knowing that the position of the gatra doesn't matter is important, because, despite the common sense approach that Sikhi is supposed to take to everything, when some people are insisting on the gatra as ordained, and others are saying no, having a defensible position as an outsider is comforting.

And please, no lectures about how everyone is a gursikh.

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