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Waheguru ji ka khalsa,

Waheguru ji ki fateh,

Dear Bro & Sis,

We are not against any religion and in fact we do believe in all the religion and we ( i guess ) are the only people who actually open gates for all other religion .

We believe that regardless of the religion , its his/her faith which is more important and which build their relationship with god.

We are the only people on this planet who respect ( and yes we do) every other religion and DIE for them.

We have faced torture, discrimination, execution . Why?? just to save ourself or others. We never seek converts, we never seek country, we never go beyond our limits. So that`s what we are now.

Let me tell you specifically what went wrong here. We are more in numbers than jews . We are 8-9th biggest religion in world (Major religious groups - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) . Punjabi is in list top 20 languages ( List of languages by number of native speakers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Yet a few knows about us.

"The Problem with Sikh is that it has no problem and that`s what people dont like about us."

"The Problem with Sikh is that Sikh don't like Sikhism. They dress up their children as ghosts ,skeleton , santa at Halloween and Christmas but not as khalsa on vesakhi"

"The Problem with Sikh is that they are busy paying ********s , insurances and taxes rather than paying dasvandh"

"The Problem with Sikh is that they prefer calling themselves 'sandu' etc. rather than be called as 'singh/kaur' "

"The Problem with Sikh is that they hate Hindus but love Pakistani terrorists and who 'promise' them to help them to make a new Sikh state"

"The Problem with Sikh is that they have 'Gurudwara Elections' and which is now corrupted ( and everyone knows that it is ) and still they have Gurudwara Election and then they end up having dispute with each other, drag each other into court"

"The Problem with Sikh is that they sometime do not obey Hukamanama ( issued by the Akal Takhat which is ALLWAYS and ANYWAYS has to be OBEYED by all of the Sikhs)"

"The Problem with Sikh is that they want to cut their hair because they think they gonna look smarter and then they repent and when they want to grow them again they end up with the excuse ' its been so long time , now i can`t , i just can`t although i want to ! '"

"The Problem with Sikh is that they believe in division rather than unity"

"The Problem with Sikh is that they have strongly protest if someone ask to remove their turban in public but no objection toward liquor offering."

"The Problem with Sikh is that they there are only a few who are left sikh, rest everyone either has left it or died."

"The Problem with Sikh is that every one want baghat singh to be born again but not in their own family"

"The Problem with Sikh is that they no longer are sikh"

"The Problem with Khalsa is that s/he no longer khalsa"

Ok Enough blame-game. Yes i have done a remarkable job in blaming my community members.

Enough insult! or we are already used to it?

If so then it not gonna effect much because then you gonna say either "oh ******** , this is not where i should be going" "oh man! this is not of my type" "Sikhism is already corrupted , we can`t change that"

or "Come on its 21th century and you are talking about this........"

Yes we are talking about this. 21th century doesn't mean that we have conquered god or even close to it.

"We(human) are like a bottle swimming in between Pacific Ocean and all we discovered so far is the waves of space time."

Beware Sikh. No one has compassion for us. If you see anybody who looks like doesn't know about Sikhism and ask you stupid questions and make your fun. Dont be surprise and do not expect any gratitude from him/her. This is not their fault that they did not appreciate our philosophy but ours who have failed to convey them at first.

Let me ask ourself What have we done to teach non-Sikh about our culture? now don't give me answers like 'Punjabi MC, or some bhangra nation have already been in good reputation in west." Yes they have done terribly nice job but what about our identity? our faith?

People still think that we are some deviated version of Islam or so. They think we are most illiterate and dirty people in the world. why? because we do not shave and put turban on their head and always carry weapon with us.

If a person born in Maryland, MD , have been already terrified with 9/11 and all he knows is that there is another world across Atlantic Ocean who live in desert and wear turban as he probably seen on TV and who had attacked us on Sept 2001.

"i don't know much about them but yeah their leader wear turban" "so now he wear turban , and you also, so probably you are from the same place and same belief as he is. So this obviously conclude that you are also his follower ." and " oh my god, you are carrying a knife? are you insane. now i don't doubt anymore. how did they let you enter in US"

Now let me ask you Where things gone wrong? We can think that this person is probably illiterate. He does n`t know anything about Sikhism. He is confusing us with Muslim and we are not Muslim.

Yes this person does not know anything about Sikhism but who`s job is to make him literate? obviously OURS.

No body gonna come from heaven and tell everybody that what Sikhism is and how is it different.

And we need to talk with each and everyone before they ask us and raise question to us. We need to tell everyone and we have to. This is what our identity is and if we do not make known to us then probably in future we gonna put ourself into much more problem than we are facing now.

People Scare from us. like we are from different planet. They dont think we are human. They scare from our turban and our kirpan. No body know what the hell does 'sikh' means.

Come oh all my bro`s and sis. WE have to get together and we have to go in all direction with a message of peace and humanity. WE have faced enough till now but we have to do something on International level.

THIS is the right time and no other time will be more right. If you want to protect us, our community then we have to take these first steps.



"Raj Bina Nahin Dharam Chale Hain, Dharam Bina Sab Dalle Malle Hain" -- Guru Gobind Singh

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"The Problem with Sikh is that Sikh don't like Sikhism. They dress up their children as ghosts ,skeleton , santa at Halloween and Christmas but not as khalsa on vesakhi"


"The Problem with Sikh is that every one want baghat singh to be born again but not in their own family"

lol, so true....

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In brief: I feel the real reason is that Sikhs have deserted the true spiritual path as taught by the Gurus & Gurbani. This is seva, simran and sangat ! Our so called religious & spiritual leadership is self-absorbed in self glorification of politics at each level ! They are more interested in "Khursi & Maya" at the expense of the panth. Take a look in Punjab at the present education mess, drug culture, female infanticide, poison water, etc ! No wonder the young generation is truly floundering in the religious / spiritual wilderness. We lack real religious / spiritual knowledge, since we are born in the "Sikh" homes, we persume we know all about it ! Some soul searching and introspection will indicate otherwise and indicate the true picture ! We do not practice what we preach ! Majority of our religious institutions have become "business & social centres" only !

The so called "spiritual & religious" (SGPC and Akal Takht) leadership are presently totally impotent. They are being real chamchas, and at the mercy of the Badals, who have "sold" the Sikhs to the RSS via the BJP !

Without true panthic unity, sense of purpose & direction, and above all without true seva, simran & sangat, I do not see any progress in the near future , unless we learn to WALK rather tham TALK the basic Sikh way of life !

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